2 hours 5:43
COVID-19: How are the UK's poorest communities coping?
As the coronavirus crisis takes hold across the UK, Sky's Tom Parmenter finds out how the pandemic is hitting our most vulnerable.
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2 hours 4:03
'Too late to despair': the Britons held in a Venezuelan prison
Sky's Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay is the first person to be allowed into this high-security prison in Caracas, where several Britons are being held with no contact with the outside world.
3 hours 6:26
BREAKING: Chancellor says 'hard times are here' as UK enters recession
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has told Sky News "hard times are here" as the UK enters into the biggest recession in history.
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5 hours 2:25
BREAKING: UK goes into biggest recession in history
The UK has entered recession for the first time in 11 years due to the impact of coronavirus. The Office for National Statistics estimates Britain's GDP fell by 20.4% in the second quarter of 2020.
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13 hours 2:30
Stephen Lawrence's parents 'disappointed' as murder investigation shelved
The parents of Stephen Lawrence have said they are "disappointed" that the murder investigation has been shelved by police.
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13 hours 1:43
A-level students in England can use mock results to get into university
A-level students in England will be able to use grades in mock exams to progress to university, college courses and employment.
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14 hours 4:50
Inside a Beirut hospital when the blast hit
Sky News has obtained exclusive CCTV footage from inside St George Hospital in Beirut, close to where the deadly blast hit one week ago.
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14 hours 2:19
Coronavirus: Recession 'all but certain' in the UK labour market
The biggest fall in employment for a decade has seen fears spread of a new recession.
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14 hours 1:37
US Election: Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate
Senator Kamala Harris has become the first Black woman on a major presidential ticket in US history.
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15 hours 2:58
How babies born to COVID-19 parents in Turkey are shielded
Babies born to COVID-19 positive parents in Turkey are being protected to ensure they do not contract the virus.
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16 hours 3:31
Coronavirus: Undercover team finds pubs and bars ignoring COVID-19 rules
Pubs and bars in England are ignoring COVID-19 guidance, potentially putting public health at risk, a Sky News investigation has found.
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20 hours 3:43
Celtic, Aberdeen matches postponed after COVID-19 rule breaches
Three Scottish Premiership games have been postponed after high-profile breaches of coronavirus quarantine rules.
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1 day 2:39
High street jobs loss as Debenhams to cut 2,500 jobs
Department store Debenhams plans to cut 2,500 jobs due to the company struggling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
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1 day 4:08
Coronavirus breaks out again in New Zealand
Coronavirus has broken out again in New Zealand despite 102 days of zero community transmission.
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1 day 10:02
Sky witnesses migrants entering British waters cheering 'UK'
Sky News has witnessed several boats of migrants crossing the English Channel, with one group cheering "UK" as they approached Britain.
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1 day 2:04
730,000 UK jobs lost since lockdown began
Company payrolls have fallen by 730,000 since the start of the pandemic as the UK braces for an acceleration in unemployment.
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1 day 0:59
Trump escorted from news briefing after shooting outside White House
Donald Trump has been escorted out of a press briefing by a Secret Service agent after a shooting outside the White House.
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1 day 3:08
Violence grips Lebanon as government collapses
Protests turned violent in Lebanon after Prime Minister Hassan Diab handed in his resignation and the whole cabinet resigned.
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1 day 2:23
How vulnerable are children to coronavirus?
Sky News' Thomas Moore weighs the evidence from around the world on children's health. To what extent are children and young people at risk? Do they spread the virus?
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1 day 3:06
Channel migrants abandoned by smugglers
Michelle Clifford spoke to a group of migrants who'd crossed the Channel, to find out how dangerous the journey was.
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1 day 3:06
Coronavirus: Is it safe to send kids back to school?
Sky News examines the latest advice on whether it's safe for children and young people to get back into the classroom as schools across the UK prepare for a new term.
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1 day 1:53
Lebanon PM announces resignation of his country's government
Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab has announced the resignation of the country's government after saying the explosion last week was the result of endemic corruption.
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2 days 7:34
Labour MP Dawn Butler: ‘The Met Police is institutionally racist’
A Labour MP has called on the Metropolitan Police to end "institutional racism" after she and her Black friend were stopped while driving in Hackney.
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2 days 3:41
Coronavirus: Religious revivals defy public health orders in California
Hundreds of people are gathering for revivals and baptisms, despite public health orders aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus.
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2 days 3:34
Beirut explosion: 'They killed her, they killed her dreams'
The mother of a paramedic who was one of the first responders on the scene of Tuesday's Beirut explosion says she will never forgive those responsible for her daughter's death.
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2 days 4:06
Saving Africa's Northern white rhino
After decades of poaching, the Northern white rhino is effectively extinct with only two females remaining.
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2 days 11:59
Special report: Is climate change fuelling terrorism?
Alistair Bunkall visits the Sahel region of Africa to look at how climate change is fuelling extremism and helping militant groups.
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2 days 2:52
COVID-19: Half of Britons would not get a coronavirus vaccination
An study has found that 50% of the UK's population may refuse a coronavirus vaccination if one becomes available.
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2 days 3:26
Labour MP Dawn Butler accuses police of racially profiling her
The Labour MP Dawn Butler has accused the Met Police of racially profiling her after she was stopped in Hackney, east London.
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3 days 2:14
Coronavirus cases rising fastest in India
COVID-19 is spreading in India faster than anywhere in the world and testing only covers a fraction of the population.
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