5 hours 3:19
Boogaloo Boys defend President Trump
Sky News Special Correspondent Alex Crawford goes to Richmond, Virginia to meet the Boogaloo Boys who are demonstrating in support of President Trump in the last few days of his presidency.
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5 hours 2:23
Teenagers starve for climate justice
Two teenage climate activists are protesting the development of the UK's first deep coal mine in 30 years with a hunger strike.
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5 hours 2:34
Quarantined athletes get creative ahead of Australian Open
Tennis players are practicing their serve against mattresses in hotel rooms as they quarantine for two weeks before the Australian Open.
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6 hours 2:55
Bobi Wine: 'The situation is desperate'
The opposition party in Uganda is calling for the release of its leader Bobi Wine, who has been under house arrest since polling day, and the re-election of long-term President, Yoweri Museveni.
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7 hours 2:14
Inquiry: Saffie-Rose 'could have survived' with faster treatment
An inquiry has heard that the youngest victim in the Manchester bombing attack could have survived if she had been treated faster.
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7 hours 2:57
Universal credit uplift is saved as government faces looming unemployment
Labour MPs have pushed to keep the £20 weekly uplift in universal credit as job security in the UK sees a shaky future.
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7 hours 2:51
Alexei Navalny calls for protests over his arrest
Alexei Navalny, a staunch critic of Putin, was attacked with a nerve agent in Russia. Now, he has been detained for 30 days on his return to Russia from Germany.
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9 hours 3:45
Hancock calls for vaccine priority debate
Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the most vulnerable are being prioritised but a debate must be had on who will get the jab next.
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10 hours 41:10
Watch in full: Matt Hancock holds coronavirus news conference
Health Secretary Matt Hancock holds #coronavirus news conference, as vaccine rollout begins for people aged over 70 and clinically extremely vulnerable adults.  Follow live analysis
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11 hours 3:15
Malthouse MP: Engineers doing 'all they can' to restore lost data
Kit Malthouse, the minister for crime and policing, has addressed the House of Commons, detailing a four-phase plan to mitigate the damaged caused after data records were deleted from a national
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13 hours 9:06
COVID-19: PM says four million people have had first dose of vaccine
Boris Johnson says he believes around four million people have now had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, but warned that "we're not out of the woods".
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19 hours 4:03
What next for the Republican Party after Trump's presidency?
Donald Trump has not only divided much of America, he also split opinion within the Republican Party. So what happens to the Grand Old Party of American politics once the Trump era is over?
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19 hours 10:50
COVID-19: '24-hour' vaccination sites in London
The Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi has revealed that twenty-four hour vaccination sites will be piloted in the capital.
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1 day 3:53
New footage emerges of the US Capitol riot
A video released by The New Yorker shows rioters roaming through the US Capitol when Trump supporters stormed the senate. Security is being stepped up in the US ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration.
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1 day 2:28
Russia: Navalny arrested at border control
Alexei Navalny has been arrested at border control as he arrives back in Russia.
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1 day 1:44
Phil Spector: Jailed ex-music producer dies
Disgraced former music producer Phil Spector has died aged 81. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has confirmed he died of natural causes on Saturday evening.
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1 day 5:29
Putin critic Alexei Navalny detained as he returns to Russia
Poisoned Putin critic Alexei Navalny has returned to Russia from Germany where he had been recovering after being exposed to the Soviet-era novichok nerve agent in August.
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1 day 4:48
COVID-19: Remote learning holding pupils back
Half of children from disadvantaged backgrounds fear they'll miss out on the grades they deserve as a result of learning from home.
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1 day 9:26
Labour hits out at Universal Credit cut
Jonathan Reynolds says there is "no excuse" for the government not be acting to ensure children have the technology to be able to learn at home effectively.
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1 day 12:27
Trump a 'demagogue' - former FBI director
Former FBI director, James Comey, has described Donald Trump as a "demagogue" and "mob boss" with a child-like "hunger for affirmation".  Mr Comey says Mr Trump aimed to "lie to people" and
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1 day 20:09
All UK adults will be offered first vaccine dose by September - Dominic Raab
Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, says all UK adults will be offered the first dose of a COVID vaccine by September.
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1 day 7:42
Professor: 'We may have to adapt vaccine going forward'
Azra Ghani, professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College London, says the UK needs to get case numbers down and continue to rollout the vaccine and it's "very difficult to say
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1 day 3:52
COVID-19: What do kids think of lockdown?
With the UK a few weeks into its third lockdown, we asked four young people what they thought of coronavirus - and how it's impacted their lives.
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2 days 3:32
Tracking down the militia among the 'Oath Keepers' who stormed the US Capitol
Sky's Alex Crawford tries to track down members of the armed militia group the Oath Keepers, who helped storm the US Capitol.
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2 days 2:06
COVID-19: India begins world's biggest vaccine rollout
India has started vaccinating its 1.3 billion citizens as it aims to administer 300 million jabs by August.
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2 days 4:00
Uganda election: Yoweri Museveni's presidential victory sparks anger
The Ugandan president's sixth term victory sparks anger among young voters and joy for his own supporters.
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2 days 2:45
Home Secretary under pressure over 400,000 lost police records
The Home Secretary is under pressure to explain how 400,000 crime records were accidentally deleted from a national database.
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2 days 2:55
Coronavirus: Variant concern as vaccine continues to be rolled out
As fears grow over new COVID variants coming to the UK, it's hoped the government's vaccine programme can keep ahead of the virus.
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2 days 3:04
COVID-19: Councils losing tens of millions of pounds supporting businesses
Local authorities are losing tens of millions of pounds supporting struggling business tenants through the pandemic which could have dire and long-lasting consequences for local services, Sky News
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2 days 3:04
COVID-19: Indonesia begins massive vaccine rollout
Indonesia has begun one of the biggest COVID-19 vaccine rollouts in the world to date.
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