45 days 1:25
Ambassador Birx on World AIDS Day 2020
On World AIDS Day 2020, Ambassador Birx announced PEPFAR's latest annual program results, showing that the program has saved 20 million lives and helped transform the global AIDS response.
46 days 1:01
The Ongoing Success of the Abraham Accords
Secretary Pompeo: Thanks to the Abraham Accords, partnerships with Israel and the United States are now blossoming. In fact, just last month the U.S.
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46 days 2:48
Secretary Pompeo Recognizes the Recipients of the State Department Annual Awards
Secretary Pompeo: Proud of the State Department employees recognized for their outstanding achievements in the work of diplomacy.
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46 days 0:59
Deterring Threats from the Iranian Regime
Secretary Pompeo: I want to thank Bahrain and its people for its steadfast support of our maximum pressure campaign, which has successfully isolated Tehran and cut off tens of billions of dollars
31 867
47 days 0:41
U.S.-Bahrain Relationship is a Force for Good
Secretary Pompeo: Over the next two weeks, five working groups from the State Department and other agencies will meet with their Bahraini counterparts.
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47 days 1:01:11
Secretary Pompeo's virtual remarks at the U.S.-Bahrain Strategic Dialogue - 7:20 AM
Secretary Pompeo delivers virtual remarks at the U.S.-Bahrain Strategic Dialogue, from the Department of State. --------------- Under the leadership of President Donald J.
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48 days 1:48
Under Secretary David Hale's Closing Remarks at 2020 Afghanistan Conference
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale affirms a commitment to the Afghan people, announcing a one-year pledge of $300 million to support Afghanistan's civilian assistance needs
48 days 1:25
Under Secretary David Hale's Opening Remarks at the 2020 Afghanistan Conference [Part 1]
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale affirms the U.S. commitment to the people of Afghanistan.
48 days 1:30
Our Strong Security Relationship With Kuwait
Secretary Pompeo: Next year is the 30th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait from Saddam’s bloody tyranny – three decades.
48 days 0:38
Growing Economic Ties With Kuwait
Secretary Pompeo: On the economic front, [the agreement] we signed last year to increase entrepreneurship and grow small and medium-sized enterprises in Kuwait is already producing success stories.
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48 days 0:59
Tackling Public Health Challenges
Secretary Pompeo: Many people in America, in Kuwait, and around the world, are suffering because the CCP failed to properly alert the world that it had a public health disaster on its hands. The U.S.
4 455
48 days 2:59
U.S. Policy on the Democratic Crisis in Venezuela, Explained
The United States is working with a global coalition of countries in support of the Venezuelan people as they fight to restore democracy and rebuild the economy in their country, which currently
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48 days 1:00
Poverty In Venezuela Under Maduro
The misrule, oppression and corruption of the illegitimate regime headed by Nicolás Maduro has caused widespread economic suffering and societal collapse in Venezuela.
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51 day 2:32
This Week At State, A review of the week's events at the Department of State, November 27, 2020
This week at State, Secretary Pompeo participated in the U.S.-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue, Under Secretary Hale addressed the Afghanistan Donors Conference, and the United States celebrated
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54 days 2:10
Secretary Pompeo's video message at the Afghanistan 2020 Conference
Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo's video message at the Afghanistan 2020 Conference --------------- Under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Michael R.
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54 days 0:57
Secretary Pompeo's Trip to Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia
Secretary Pompeo: In the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia this week, we built on our foundation of strong ties based on mutual security and economic interests.
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54 days 1:20:21
Secretary Pompeo's joint statements with Kuwaiti FM Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah 9:45AM
Secretary Pompeo delivers joint statements with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, at the Department of State.
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56 days 1:01
Secretary Pompeo Travels to Georgia and Israel
Secretary Pompeo: I was pleased to visit Tbilisi and Jerusalem this week for productive meetings and to affirm unwavering U.S.
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58 days 4:36
This Week At State - The Department of State Week In Review
This week at State, Secretary Pompeo traveled to Europe and the Middle East. The Secretary also delivered virtual remarks to the 2020 Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom or Belief.
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58 days 1:49
Secretary Pompeo Recognizes the 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials
Secretary Pompeo: On the 75th Anniversary of the #NurembergTrials, we remember a trial that set a worldwide precedent for holding individuals accountable for war crimes and other atrocities.
28 169
59 days 0:56
Secretary of State Pompeo's Trip to Paris and Istanbul
Secretary Pompeo: Always a productive time in France. Thanks French President Emmanuel Macron, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, and U.S. Embassy France for an excellent visit.
34 719
61 day 2:53
Under Secretary Krach Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week
Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Keith Krach celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week.
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62 days 2:08
Secretary Pompeo's Opening Remarks at the 2020 Ministerial to Advance Freedom of Religion or Belief
Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo's video remarks at the 2020 Ministerial to Advance Freedom or Belief. --------------- Under the leadership of President Donald J.
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62 days 1:57
Secretary Pompeo Celebrates International Education Week
Secretary Pompeo: The pandemic paused many international exchanges, but it did not stop Americans' drive to learn about the world. This #IEW2020, it’s even more critical to harness that enthusiasm.
3 612
62 days 0:52
The Brief: On International Day for Tolerance
Today we recognize the #InternationalDayforTolerance, which underscores one of the essential principles of democracy: welcoming all citizens to actively and freely participate in their government’s
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65 days 2:55
This Week At State • The Department of State Week In Review
November 13, 2020 • Promoting Freedom for All Secretary Pompeo addresses the NATO 2030 Youth Summit.
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65 days 1:15
CCP Will Not Dictate U.S.-China Relations
Secretary Pompeo: We’ve stated clearly and consistently that U.S.-China relations won’t be dictated by exceptions carved out by the [CCP], but by the simple and powerful standards expected of any
5 484
65 days 1:08
Protecting Our Environment and Economy
Secretary Pompeo discusses protecting the environment with the U.S.-Brazil Environment Framework Dialogue and the upcoming Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue with Taiwan.
1 301
65 days 1:27
Religious Freedom is a Top Priority
Secretary Pompeo: I’m especially proud that we’ve made religious freedom a top priority in U.S. foreign policy, for the first time in our nation’s history.
2 056
65 days 1:08
Developments for the 5G Clean Network
Secretary Pompeo discusses bringing countries and companies together in the Clean Network. --------------- Under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Michael R.
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