3 days 7:00
Тюнинг Подвесок Harley Davidson
Наш журнал Stuntex: stuntex.ru Приобрести: stuntexshop.ru/sport/catalog-2073/kartridzhi-v-vilku-legend-na-harley-davidson Заказать подвески на Харлей: +7 (962) 958-74-62 Мотоциклы
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20 days 10:45
Great Quad Drift & Stunts by Russian Riders
Here is freestyle by Gregory Taldikin (HHF team) and Nikita Prisyazchnyk at Free Ride Session in abandoned airport Monino, close to Moscow.
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26 days 11:34
Contests at Moscow Stunt Session 2020
Here are contests from open stunt session at abandoned airport close to Moscow. Local stunt riders got together to have fun and give away some prizes.
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31 day 14:51
Цифровая Электрика Motogadget на Мотоцикл
English version: youtu.be/B1AzLHWYa_k В видео показана детальная установка цифровой электрики Motogadget на каферейсер BMW K100RS 1985.
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31 day 14:50
M-Unit Blue & MotoscopePro on Motorcycle
Here is detailed installation of Motogadget electric components on cafe racer BMW K100RS 1985.
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45 days 5:48
TOP10 Tricks Stunt Riding World Championship
🔥🔥🔥Stunt Riding World Championship will be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic at 21-23.8.2020. Don’t miss the biggest stunt event of 2020 season.
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50 days 10:16
Бескамерные Колеса и Картриджи Вилки Bonneville T120
English version: youtube.com/watch?v=nDgUXKlXo9c&feature=youtu.be На Triumph Bonneville T120 в стоке стоят колеса с камерами и неэффективные подвески, которые пробиваются при ударных
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50 days 10:15
Tubeless Spoked Wheels & Pressurized Cartridges Bonneville T120
Triumph Bonneville T120 is equipped with wheels with tubes and soft ineffective suspensions, which bottom out under shock compression.
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61 day 4:23
Tornado Frogger Drift First Time at World Championship
Good final run by talented polish rider Dawid Olczyk at Stunt Riding World Championship in Czech Republic.
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81 day 4:21
Green Devil at World Championship
Paulius Labanauskas is talented prorider from Lithuania with modern, aggressive style. This is his semi-final run, which was the best at Stunt Riding World Championship in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
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91 day 12:44
Как Держать Баланс на Мотоцикле
English version of this video: youtube.com/watch?v=YBhRZHYBZGs&t=617s Геннадий Зырин освоил статический баланс и поделился простой эффективной методикой обучения в деталях.
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91 day 12:44
Static Balance on Motorcycle
Gennady Zyrin learned static balancing on a motorcycle and explained efficient method of training in details. Static balance is a basic motorcycle skill, which gives confidence at low speed.
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104 days 4:18
Limiter Style at World Championship
Rafal Kanik had clean final run at Stunt Riding World Championship in Czech Republic, but got 8th place, because nothing has changed compared to the previous year.
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115 days 4:24
TOP10 Best Tricks from France
Here is our TOP10 stunts compilation from Ouest Bike Show in France, which we visited last year. In the beginning there are some crashes from official runs.
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125 days 4:42
Fallen Muffler Ruined Great Trick
Pawel Karbownik was one of the favorites of Stunt Riding World Championship in Czech Republic. But he did not perform his super complex freestyle well neither in the semi-final nor in the final.
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131 day 5:57
Как Установить и Настроить Прямоток на Мотоцикл
Купить новый мотоцикл: +7-962-958-74-62 FMF - ведущий производитель выхлопных систем и глушителей для кроссовых и эндуро мотоциклов.
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131 day 5:57
Yamaha WR450F FMF Full Exhaust System
FMF produces professional exhaust systems for enduro and mx motorcycles. We got full RCT 4.1 titanium system with Megabomb pipe for Yamaha WR450F 2018.
26 207
148 days 4:24
Best Czech Stunt Rider
Martin Kratky got 7th place at Stunt Riding World Championship in Ostrava. It was the best result of all Czech riders, so he officially became the champion of Czech Republic.
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156 days 10:05
Лучшее Замятие Бака на Стантбайке
Профессиональный стантрайдер Никита Покусай рассказывает и наглядно показывает как замять бак на стантбайке Kawasaki ZX636 03-04.
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156 days 10:04
Best Tank Dent for Stunt Bike
Professional stunt rider Nikita Pokusay shows how to dent the tank on Kawasaki ZX636 03-04 stunt bike. Nikita has already made several tanks and hummer is very good, so the paint is not damaged.
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162 days 3:36
1st Place Polish Ninja in France
Marcin Glowacki successfully finished the last season in France and became the best stunt rider in the world in 2K19.
238 840
171 day 3:35
3d Place by Young Russian in France
Foma Kalinin was first after semifinal with clean run. But in final he made mistake at kangaroo flamingo 360 and removed hc jump in power eight at the beginning of his freestyle.
82 372
177 days 3:42
2d Place by Rapid Finn in France
Joona Vatanen got 2d place at Ouest Bike Show with clean final run.
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185 days 11:56
Ремонт Сварка Пластика Мотоцикла
Купить пластик: stuntexshop.ru/cross/catalog-1991 Полная статья: stuntex.ru/article/plastic-repair Гена Зырин ремонтирует треснувший боковой пластик своего кроссового мотоцикла
120 109
185 days 11:56
Motorcycle Plastic Welding Repair
Full article: stuntex.ru/en/article/plastic-repair Gena repaired radiator shroud, skid plate and helmet's visor without professional tools and skill.
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209 days 17:35
Best Stunts & Fails Stunt World Championship
Here is traditional compilation of best tricks, crashes and fails from last Stunt Riding World Championship in Czech Republic.
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214 days 7:51
Подготовка Honda CRF450RX к Зиме
Приобрести новый мотоцикл: stuntexshop.ru/cross Купить защиту на эндуро: stuntexshop.ru/cross/catalog-2057 Гусеничный комплект SnowRider: snowrider.ru Сноубайк - это конверсия
314 803
214 days 7:55
Snowbike Build Honda CRF450RX
More enduro videos: stuntex.ru/en Snowrider kit: snowrider.ru Snowbike is a conversion of enduro motorcycle to snowmobile by replacing wheels to ski and track.
22 736
222 days 3:40
Best of Sheras in France
At the end of the season Sarunas had enough time for trainings and prepared well for last biggest stunt riding event of the year in France.
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228 days 4:03
IXIL SX1 (EC) Звук Установка Kawasaki Z900
В видео показа установка и сравнение звука для выхлопной системы IXIL SX1 (EC) на Kawasaki Z900. Звук записан в без обработки, поэтому на холостых он тихий, чтобы не перегружалась отсечка.
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