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Aberdeen locks down again as the rest of Scotland tentatively explores its freedom
Aberdeen is preparing for its first weekend in lockdown following an outbreak of coronavirus in the city. Cases linked to the city’s cluster have increased to 101, following an outbreak at a pub.
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"Judge my work, not my postcode" bewildered students demand as they protest exam results
Around 100 pupils gathered in Glasgow’s George Square in demonstration against the downgrading of exam results. Thousands of pupils received grades lower than their teachers’ estimates.
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Sunak: UK Government has supported Scotland through pandemic
Chancellor of the Exchequer visits Glasgow and the Isle of Bute amid row over Scotland's borrowing powers.
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"I might have a heart transplant ... but they need to find somebody else’s heart first.”
The family of a girl born with a rare heart defect say they are devastated that life-saving research into her condition is under threat due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Joyful reunions as EU nationals finally get a chance to visit family back home - but can it last?
Airbridges between Scotland and some parts of the EU are allowing people to see friends and family after months of lockdown.
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Face masks mandatory in libraries and places of worship
Face coverings will become mandatory in libraries, museums and places of worship from Saturday, the First Minister announced.
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First Minister: Aberdeen players ‘blatantly broke the rules’
The First Minister branded the behaviour of eight Aberdeen players forced to self-isolate after visiting a bar as 'completely unacceptable'
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Family of child with rare heart defect in research plea
The family of a girl born with a rare heart defect say they are devastated that life-saving research into her condition is under threat due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Aberdeen lockdown: Queues of traffic at coronavirus testing site
Queues of traffic have formed at a mobile coronavirus testing site near Aberdeen Airport after the city was placed in lockdown.
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Locals’ anger over waste left by North Coast 500 campers
A trail of human waste and litter has left locals and businesses on the North Coast 500 trail frustrated.
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Douglas Ross Q&A: New Scottish Tory leader ready to take on SNP
Newly appointed Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross faces a daunting political agenda in the coming months.
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In Depth: Scotland's first minister on coronavirus, school reopenings and the cost of leadership.
In an interview with STV News’ Kelly-Ann Woodland, Nicola Sturgeon described members of the public as “the first line of defence” in containing the virus, as she urged people to follow public health
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Scotland records 67 new cases of virus in last 24 hours
There 67 new cases of coronavirus recorded in the last 24 hours, the First Minister announced.
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First Minister: Aberdeen city lockdown is a ‘wake-up call’
The First Minister has warned the lockdown in Aberdeen city is a “wake-up call” that the virus is still present and “dangerous” in Scotland.
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Rescued seal pups go for their first swim
Staff at the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary are caring for common seal pups which were rescued in Shetland.
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Police Scotland sending extra officers to Aberdeen.
Extra police officers are being sent to Aberdeen following the imposition of fresh lockdown restrictions.
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People in Aberdeen react to the lockdown news after spike in Covid cases
People in Aberdeen reacted to the lockdown news after the spike in Covid-19 cases. The city has been put back on lockdown following a spike in coronavirus cases.
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Photographer spots pod of orcas on Shetland fishing trip
An amateur photographer has managed to capture stunning images of whales in Shetland after a nine-year wait. Norman Watson, 48, spotted the pod of orcas while on a mackerel fishing trip with his son.
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Rest and Be Thankful blocked by 6000 tonnes of debris
A massive clear-up operation is under way to remove 6000 tonnes of debris that slid down a hillside and blocked the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful and its usual diversion route.
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Factory to boost jobs as part of Covid-19 vaccine deal
A factory in West Lothian is expanding as part of a deal to secure 60 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine candidate.
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Aberdeen city lockdown restrictions to be reviewed after a week
Aberdeen city lockdown restrictions could remain in place for longer than seven days, said Nicola Sturgeon.
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Torrential rain causes delays and a 60-mile diversion
Tuesday’s downpour in Argyll and Bute caused a landslide to close the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful.
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Aberdeen city back in lockdown after spike in Covid cases
Aberdeen city back in lockdown after Covid spike, announced the First Minister.
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Pupil claims results 'significantly affected' by estimates
A high school pupil claims his future has been 'significantly affected' by the exam results moderation process.
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Cystic fibrosis ‘wonder drug’ approved in Scotland
A drug which treats the underlying conditions of cystic fibrosis will be made available on the NHS in Scotland.
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Swinney: Pupils can be 'confident' in exams marking process
John Swinney said young people can be 'confident' in the exam grades they have received.
4 days 2:47
Sturgeon defends 'credible' exam moderation process
The First Minister defended the exam result moderation process following criticism that it adversely affected pupils' grades. bit.ly/33wqfGV
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Rainy days continue after a disappointing July
After a disappointing July for much of the country, August hasn’t got off to a great start with heavy rain affecting most areas throughout Tuesday.
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Ten-year-old climbs Ben Nevis to raise money for Alzheimer's Research
A ten-year-old girl climbed Ben Nevis on Sunday with her dad and grandad to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research.
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Test and protect system contacts 120 people after Aberdeen outbreak
The First Minister confirmed that 120 people have been contacted via the test and protect system due to a cluster of coronavirus in Aberdeen.
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