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22 Oct 2005
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Surface for Business | REI embraces hybrid work & supporting sustainability goals with Surface Hub
REI is embracing hybrid work and supporting its sustainability goals with Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams.
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Microsoft Surface for Education | Meet Ken!
Hybrid Work is hard enough – At Microsoft Surface, we want to empower people to do their best work by keeping them in the flow with devices that help make the technology as invisible as possible to
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Surface Hub: New Hybrid Meeting Experiences and Manageability Options
Discover how Teams Rooms for Surface Hub (released later this year), can enable admins can take advantage of the following solutions: - Teams Admin Center.
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Enable Inclusive Hybrid Work and Meetings with Microsoft Surface
Discover how the newest lineup of Surface devices with Windows 11 unlocks the next generation of hardware innovation for hybrid work and meetings.
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Simplified Remote Deployment and Management for Hybrid Work with Surface
In the world of hybrid work and learning, it is important than ever for IT organizations to be able to support remote deployment and management of their organization's devices securely.
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Enabling Great Hybrid Working Experiences with Pro X
With Microsoft 365 operating on cutting-edge Surface devices, hybrid workers have the security and power they need to get the job done.
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Surface for Education | The new Surface Laptop SE
Enable students to unlock learning and develop new skills with a laptop that seamlessly runs Windows 11 SE and Microsoft 365 for Education*, including easy-to-use web experiences.
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Centralized Solutions: the Microsoft Surface Management Portal
Tour the new Surface management portal in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Get a single environment for end-to-end visibility and management of your corporate or user-owned Surface devices.
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Original by Cache x Collete | Director’s Cut
Designed on Surface Laptop Studio with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Cache Bunny works her editing magic - in collaboration with Collete Davis’ high-adrenaline drift car stunts - to take
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Original by Cache x Collete | Behind the scenes
Surface and Adobe brought two powerhouse females together to create something undeniably original.
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Beneath the Surface | Hands-on with Tactile Signals (Ep. 5)
►Join us for Episode 5 of our YouTube series: Beneath the Surface.
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22.09.21 48:15
#MicrosoftEvent September 22, 2021
On September 22, 2021, Microsoft Surface hosted a livestreamed event with Microsoft Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Panos Panay and other product leaders to talk about the new
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22.09.21 54:15
#MicrosoftEvent Live
Join us Wednesday, September 22 at 11am ET to see what’s next for Microsoft Surface. #MicrosoftEvent
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22.09.21 0:58
Highlights from Microsoft's September 2021 Event
Introducing the newest Microsoft Surface devices built for Windows 11.
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22.09.21 2:12
The new Surface Duo 2. Two screens, limitless possibilities.
Open two screens and discover limitless possibilities for apps, email, meetings, and calls that never leaves your side.
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22.09.21 2:09
The new Surface Laptop Studio. Incredibly powerful, infinitely flexible.
Set your imagination free on Surface Laptop Studio, the most powerful Surface Laptop, designed to light up the best of Windows 11.
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22.09.21 2:14
Recycling ocean plastic to help clean up our oceans.
The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse shell is made with 20% recycled ocean plastic, a breakthrough in materials technology and a small step forward in Microsoft’s sustainability journey.
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22.09.21 1:06
The new Surface Pro 8. The most powerful Pro.
Unlock more possibilities than ever with the Pro designed for a Pro like you. Designed to light up the best of Windows 11, Surface Pro 8 combines the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a
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22.09.21 0:54
The new Surface Go 3. Ready, set, Go anywhere.
The most portable Surface touchscreen 2-in-1 is perfect for your everyday tasks, homework, and play.
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09.08.21 10:36
Beneath the Surface | Specialized and Sustainable Packaging (Ep. 4)
►Join us for Episode 4 of our YouTube series: Beneath the Surface.
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25.06.21 4:57
Surface Pro X with Windows 11
Watch as Phillip McClure, Product Marketing Lead, demonstrates how Windows 11 comes to life on Surface Pro X.
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17.06.21 15:21
Beneath the Surface | Surface Hub and the Hybrid Workplace (Ep. 3)
►Join us for Episode 3 of our new YouTube series: Beneath the Surface. In this month's episode, Sonia Dara talks to Surface engineers, Peter Oehler and Christy Winslow.
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25.05.21 13:00
Build 2021 | Dual-screen and foldable Kotlin libraries and resources
In this session discover how you can develop your dual screen apps on Android and for Surface Duo with Kotlin.
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25.05.21 14:03
Build 2021 | Adapting Xamarin apps for Surface Duo
Hear from Surface Duo engineering about building or adapting Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms apps for dual-screen devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo.
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25.05.21 11:11
Build 2021 | Dual Screen Web Development
Join the Surface Duo team as they discuss responsive design before diving into the CSS Media query, the JavaScript API, an example and then how you can test for Dual Screen even if you don’t have a
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25.05.21 18:17
Build 2021 | Application design and development for Android dual screen and foldable devices
Explore application design and development for dual screen and Android with Guy Merin, engineering Director in the Microsoft Surface Duo Developer Experience Team.
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30.04.21 0:59
Microsoft Surface | Original by Cache
Cache Bunny creates reality-bending visual effects like no one else. But in her eyes, originality isn’t doing what’s never been done before.
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22.04.21 10:50
Beneath the Surface | Introducing Surface Laptop 4 and all-new Accessories (Ep. 2)
►Join us for Episode 2 of our new YouTube series: Beneath the Surface.
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