19 hours 10:43
Setup Wars - Episode 242
▶Corsair Cappelix Cooler: amzn.to/3v4sN9z ▶Windows 10 Pro oem key $15: bit.ly/3cBCqX4 20% discount code: TS20 ►Want to submit your desk setup?
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20 hours 12:02
Why Harvey Dent Was RIGHT 🤔 OnePlus 9 Review
If you're interested in buying any of the products mentioned: - OnePlus 9: click.pckt.shop/to/LVTOrX5gv or amzn.to/3apW2f3 - OnePlus 9 Pro: click.pckt.shop/to/-kQcKJfZn, or
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4 hours 1:27
Galaxy SmartTag+: Tag it. Find it. Simply smart with AR. | Samsung
Introducing Galaxy SmartTag+ for a new AR finding experience. AR finding on SmartThings Find visually guides you to missing items, which makes finding so much smarter and easier than ever before.
19 374
13 hours 43:00
Level1 News April 20 2021: Hotline Xinping
0:00 - Intro 0:44 - Biden Rushes to Protect Power Grid as Hacking Threats Grow 2:31 - US expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking 5:15 - How an online ‘Lego’ gamer infiltrated the
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3 hours 9:52
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Plastic Forming Strip Heater!
Today's tool tip is all about using heat in different ways to form sheet material, whether it's with a blow dryer, dedicated heat gun, or a specialized tool like a plastic forming strip heater.
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3 hours 3:15
Neo QLED 8K - QN700A: Official Introduction | Samsung
The next generation of QLED in 8K, now made more accessible to every home. #NeoQLED8K #SamsungTV​
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21 hour 6:18
HTC EVO 3D in 2021: Crazy 3D Phone, 10 Years On! [Retro Review]
Back in 2011, two things were reaching the peak of their popularity: #HTC and #3D.
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4 hours 2:01
Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 21.4.1
Change the way you game with AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 21.4.1 *** Learn more: amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software *** Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe_to_AMD Like us on
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2 hours 14:59
It ISN'T as Good as I Thought - Intel Core i5-11400
A lot of Intel Core i5-11400 and i5-11400F reviews make these look like the best CPUs for the money right now if you are on a budget.
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2 hours 6:17
Unbox #Mi11Ultra And #MiSmartBand6 #MiSteryBOX | @Tech4All
Time to unbox #Mi11Ultra and #MiSmartBand6 with Tech4all! What's new about #MiSmartBand6 and what makes #Mi11Ultra ultra special? Find out in this episode of #MiSteryBOX.
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4 hours 0:49
AMD Link: PC Gaming Virtually Anywhere
AMD Link, a free app that lets you connect to your gaming PC from your phone, tablet or TV, is now available for Windows-based PCs.
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4 hours 0:49
Radeon Software Color Deficiency Correction Feature
Users with color vision deficiency can now use Radeon Software to adjust settings that can help them experience games in more vivid detail, with settings that support the three major color blindness
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4 hours 0:48
Come Together with AMD Link
You can now connect with your friends like never before using Link Game, a new feature that allows a friend to connect to you PC from their own Radeon™ Powered PC and play local multiplayer games on
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4 hours 1:43
"Bookends" | A #NightAndDay Film Presented By #XiaomiStudios
No better way to begin and end your day... and no better way to end the #NightAndDay series. Check out the final #NightAndDay short film "Bookends" shot on the #Mi11Series by our Mi Creator RJ.
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18 hours 4:01
Managing Kubernetes with Config Sync
Kubernetes is a great tool for application development because of its ability to easily coordinate declarative workflows.
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19 hours 0:31
Introduction to AWS Solutions Constructs
Make the most out of the AWS Cloud Development Kit with AWS Solutions Constructs, a library of vetted architecture patterns that enable you to deploy production-ready workloads faster.
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4 hours 0:45
Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition 2021 – Play. Create. Win.
Play. Create. Win. Do it all in the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition.
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1 hour 39:31
Interviewing for developers - HTTP 203
In this episode Jake and Surma chat about interviewing for web dev roles, drawing on their good and bad experiences as candidates, and mistakes they've made as interviewers.
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22 hours 11:14
What’s New with AWS – Week of April 19, 2021
In this new episode, join Jeff Barr to learn what's new with Amazon AQUA, Data Flow Simulator, & Warm Pools!
21 hour 4:30
Microsoft Yammer communities overview
In this video tutorial, you'll learn the building blocks of creating a community in Yammer. As a community owner, you have the ability to make announcements, pin posts, and brand the community.
3 hours 1:15
Story Labs 360: Inside a Microsoft server room
Explore a server room at a Microsoft datacenter, where computers process enormous amounts of data and deliver the latest in cloud technologies such as virtual machines, AI and machine learning, and
18 hours 3:32
Microsoft Yammer conversations and discovery
You'll learn how to discover and join new communities. By favoring, following, or muting communities you'll be able to understand and optimize the Yammer feed.
3 hours 1:03
The Microsoft Cloud: Powering daily life around the planet
Meet the Microsoft Cloud, which securely stores, processes and manages data within one of the largest interconnected networks in the world.
23 hours 5:24
Veritiv: Enable Insights to Forecast Sales Demand on AWS Data Lakes
In this episode, learn how Veritiv enables insights to forecast sales demand.
21 hour 0:27
Here, There, Anywhere: Build Your Cloud Skills with AWS Training and Certification
Build your AWS Cloud skills with 500+ free digital courses covering AWS products and services. Visit amzn.to/2OJ3fzp to learn more.
19 hours 46:04
AWS Supports You: Building Machine Learning from the Ground Up
AWS Supports You: Building Machine Learning from the Ground Up, gives viewers on the twitch.tv/aws channel an overview of Machine learning at Amazon, Machine learning solution stack, AWS solution
18 hours 2:10
Taco Bell Delivers (and more) with AWS
See how Taco Bell is utilizing AWS, including serverless technologies, to quickly adapt to changing customer demands.
3 hours 0:43
Story Labs 360: Azure Orbital connects the cloud to space
Azure Orbital, a cloud-based ground station service, allows organizations to communicate with satellites and spacecraft, securely store and process data and develop services for customers, all
3 hours 1:02
Story Labs 360: Powering and cooling for the future
See how Microsoft is cooling our datacenters with highly efficient evaporative coolers, and ensuring our datacenters remain operational with backup power during an outage.
1 hour 47:08
How To Build An E-ATX PC (Threadripper!)
Want to build a BIG PC? These rigs are huge and require some extra effort do do it right.
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