What's inside My Son?

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What's inside a Chainsaw?
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What's inside Nike Joyride Shoes?
Published on 1 Apr 2017, 12:28
We SAW my kid in Half!?! You asked for it, we deliver!!

What's inside a Grenade? youtu.be/tBscQZkOzdo

The most common comment on our channel is What's inside that kid? What's inside Lincoln? What's inside your son? We enjoy being on the internet and our fans are the best! Hope you enjoyed our April 1st, April fools video:) No one was hurt in this video and don't try this at home. Leave magic to the professionals.

Let's be nice to each other on the internet. We aren't affected in a negative way by mean comments, haters or trolls. But there may be people on the internet that take comments too seriously and could be affected so why not be extra nice to each other.

Thanks for watching our channel. It has been a magical ride the past couple of years!

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