1/3: Rochester Institute of Technology uses Translator to break communication barriers on campus

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Published on 16 Oct 2018, 16:00
Rochester Institute of Technology has produced three videos showcasing how Microsoft Translator can be used on campus, in and outside of the classroom.

In the first video, a visitor who is late for an on-campus job interview stops to ask for directions, but he soon realizes the student is hard of hearing. Watch how Translator can be a useful resource when attempting to communicate in real-life scenarios.

To download the app, visit aka.ms/translatorapp.

To learn more about Translator for Education, visit aka.ms/translatorEDU

RIT Video: 2/3 youtu.be/z6h3NucGy6s
RIT Video: 3/3 youtu.be/BEv0IBu2Sv8