The Future of the Web: SEO Mythbusting

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Published on 3 Jul 2019, 18:28
In this final episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt (WebMaster Trends Analyst, Google) and his guest Dion Almaer (Director, Web Dev Ecosystem, Google) discuss what technical SEO might look like as the web keeps evolving, such as:
The same content in multiple versions, PWA/desktop site/AMP/etc. vs Google Search and SEO (2:19)
Current & future web & SEO tool integration (Google & third parties) (4:50)
The “unknown” variables & search performance (7:32)
Are web components and virtual scroller compatible with SEO? (10:06)
The future of assistants, and semantic & structured data (12:38)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:

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Search-related tools →
Web components →
Virtual scroller →
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