RC 1/10 HG P408 Military Vehicle Truck impression, strong and powerful

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Xiaomi cc 9 2019 official tailer!
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Mi 9 Explorer Edition Official Trailer
Published on 4 Jul 2019, 4:10
RC 1/10 HG P408 Military Vehicle Truck impression, strong and powerful.
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Four-wheel drive low speed, four-wheel drive high speed can be remotely controlled

ESC with brake / no brake function switch

9g hanging gear servo can be remotely operated to switch gear position

All car closed gear dustproof transmission 2 speed medium wave box

Front and rear axle differentials can be manually locked

Double-fork independent suspension system for the whole vehicle

High torque side wheel, reduction ratio 1:1.4

Large stroke buffer hydraulic shock absorber, simulated rubber tires

High simulation metal trapezoidal frame and metal chassis

Variable stroke universal joint shaft drive system

The roof can be detached and changed to a convertible

The engine cover,doors and tailgate can be opened

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