Build & Leverage Your Startup's First Board Members [San Francisco]

Published on 11 Nov 2019, 20:32
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Assembling your board is a critical step along the startup journey. As they play a significant role in the success of your startup, how do you build a board and manage it effectively so it becomes an incredible source of value-add?

Our panel of startup board members share lessons learned from their board seats – the good and the bad. They discuss the key considerations founders should make prior to fundraising and how, if built correctly, your board can be just as much a factor in your startup’s long-term success as your co-founders and your early employees.

What you’ll learn:
- Board of Directors vs. Advisory Board vs. Observers
- Benefits & goals – including when to start a board and who to ask
- How to address the composition of your board in a term sheet

David Cheng, Vice President, DCM Ventures
Alison Ryu, Managing Director, Able Partners
Ryan Conner, Counsel, Atrium
Justin Wang, CEO & Co-Founder, LARQ
Nicki Stone, Startup Evangelist, Amazon Web Services