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Thresholds | HTC VIVE Arts
Published on 3 Apr 2020, 17:10
Journey to Kenya in 360° virtual reality, where the futures of wildlife and people are intertwined. “My Africa” transports you to stand in the midst of a thundering wildebeest migration, witness a lioness snatch her prey, go nose-to-trunk with an inquisitive baby elephant – and meet a community dedicated to saving Africa’s wildlife.

Executive produced by Conservation International and produced and directed by four-time Emmy winner David Allen of Passion Planet, with support from filmmakers at Vision3, much of the project was captured with virtual reality cameras in the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in Samburu County of northern Kenya at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, the first elephant orphanage in Africa owned and operated by the local community. In a region where conservation has traditionally been pursued by wealthy outsiders, Reteti and the surrounding Northern Rangelands Trust offer a different model — one grounded in local leadership and traditional knowledge. This project was made possible by The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, with distribution support from glassybaby.

Community-driven conservation is Africa’s best hope to ensure a brighter future for elephants and people alike.

Your purchase of “My Africa” and “My Africa: Elephant Keeper” goes to support Conservation International’s important work to protect elephants, other wildlife and their habitats, all around the world. Everything we do to protect nature depends on supporters like you.

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