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Published on 26 May 2020, 9:39
【BW-HL3 Smart Watch】
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1. 24H Continuous Heart Rate Monitor / Different Skin Color Intelligent Heart Rate Monitor
 You can turn on continuous heart rate monitoring in the APP, Monitor your health anytime anywhere and sync data to the APP.
 Black, white and yellow people, no matter what skin color you are, BW-HL3 supports monitoring your heart rate and provides more accurate data.
2. SpO2 Monitor / Blood Pressure Monitor
 Advanced chip with accurate data, Help you check your blood pressure and oxygen status at any time.
3.  1.3-inch Full Round Touch Screen

Return to last screen or switch to next screen freely. The screen conveniently activates when you raise your hand. Enable clear display whether outdoors or indoors situation by adjusting brightness. You can also set different time to turn off the screen.
4. Multiple Language Support
The BW-HL3 smart watch supports more than 20 mainstream languages. You can change the watch languages easily by clicking the language select button.
 5. GPS Run Route Track
When running outdoors, you can wear BW-HL3, open the running route function in the APP, BW-HL3 will automatically synchronize the running route, and then upload the data  to theAPP, and you can view the running route and data in the APP.
 6. bluetoot 5.0 Version
 Faster and more stable connection, your BW-HL3 and phone will not disconnect frequently, synchronizing information will also be faster.
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