Banggood's Summer Prime Sale 2020

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Published on 13 Jul 2020, 3:22
Can you feel the temperature rising? Well, you should because the warmup stage of Banggood’s Summer Prime Sale has started. Let's restart a good life! This is a glimpse of what’s coming ☀☀ :

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With a theme centered around the concept: Restart A Good Life, Banggood’s Summer Prime Sale 2020 is coming soon featuring a bunch of great deals and big discounts from July 3 to 26! Shop for bestsellers at bottom prices, access $60,000,000 in bonuses, and unlock the door to a beautiful life.

·July 3-9: Check Saving tips and Reserve first
·July 9-11: Limited Offer for 48Hrs | Carve up $888,888
·July 11-19: 1000+ Newest Items at Big Discounted Prices
·July 19-21: VIP Early Access
·July 21-24: Biggest Discounts Blow Out
·July 24-26: Bottom Price Continue

Check it out NOW:
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