Gamers Paradise OMEN Unboxing + 30L Gaming PC Setup

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Setup Montage - Episode 25
Published on 31 Jul 2020, 17:11
Unboxing all of the new OMEN Gaming gear including the 30L Gaming PC!
▶OMEN 30l Gaming PC (store.hp):
27i Monitor (Best Buy):
27i Monitor (store.hp):
Outpost Mousepad (Best Buy):
Outpost Mousepad (store.hp):
Mindframe Headset (Best Buy):
Mindframe Headset (store.hp):
Transceptor Headset Case (store.hp):
Photon Mouse (Best Buy):
Photon Mouse (store.hp):
Sequencer Keyboard (Best Buy):
Sequencer Keyboard (store.hp):

0:24 Mouse
1:18 Mousepad
2:04 Keyboard
3:07 Headset
4:20 Monitor
5:49 PC
9:44 Gameplay
This video is sponsored by OMEN