Microsoft Urban Futures Summer Workshop | Data Driven Urban Transformation [Day 1]

Published on 3 Aug 2020, 20:34
The Microsoft Urban Futures Summer Workshop was three intensive days of talks, discussion, and planning for data-driven urban transformation. At this event, we built a research-driven coalition of civic, academic, and research leaders to envision what services could be built on top of data sets for improving the future of cities. Together we developed research and action plans for cities, academia, and industry, to conduct real-world research and deployments. We considered which data sets are needed to drive urban transformation based on real-world scenarios.

Day 1 | July 28, 2020

Welcome: Introduction to the workshop
Kristin Lauter & Roy Zimmermann, Microsoft

City Futures – Urban innovation at Microsoft
Scott Counts, Microsoft

London’s digital twin for air quality and COVID-19 response
Paul Hodgson, City Data at Greater London Authority

Transformative uses of data in cities
Luis Bettencourt, University of Chicago

Urban transformation and COVID-19
Bill Fulton, Rice University

Creating a global network of smart cities: The global measurement and monitoring initiative
Tom Baer, Stanford University

For presentation slides and more details please visit the Microsoft Urban Futures Summer Workshop event website:
5 days – 1 6632:50
Using Plus Codes in rural Utah
5 days – 409 81431:13
Oculus Quest 2 Review!
16 hours – 1 1772:02
Cloud Run, Cloud Logging, & more!
3 days – 1 605 4597:49
Xbox Series X/S Design Impressions!