Top Tech 10 Unique Gadgets And Accessories Under Rs. 500 / Rs. 1000 / Rs. 2000

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Published on 27 Aug 2020, 11:33
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New Top Tech With Unique Products :
Smart Lock
Speaker TWS :
Timed Wall Plus :
Led Attachable Light :
Philips Wiz Bulb :
Wireless Charger Receiver :
Duo Speaker
Smart Erasable Notebook :
Desk Arm Rest :

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Today we are checking out new Top Tech with Unique gadgets, the first is a smart bluetooth lock from openAPP, this allows you to lock and unlock from your phone. Next are the Speakerpods from Xech which are TWS earphones that double up as as speakers. Then we have the Moosh Wall Socket which has an inbuilt timer two USB ports and a AC Plug socket. The LED light from Digitek Clip Mount Portable light attaches to you Laptop or smartphones. Philips Wiz Bulb allows you to get smart lighting controlled by Alexa or Google assistant and they are much cheaper than HUE. the Wireless charging Receiver will allow you to convert any phone without wireless charging into a wireless charging phone. Crossbeats Dynamite magnetic speakers detach to become stereo speakers. Router ups allows you to add an inline ups for your Wifi router preventing internet shorts. The erasable notebook allows you to reuse the same notebook many times. Work from home smartly with the ergonomic elbow rest for your desk.

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