The future of data governance, at scale, in multi-cloud

Published on 15 Sep 2020, 16:14
In a hybrid or multi-cloud paradigm, how do you avoid data access bottlenecks, security blindspots, data leakage, or missed opportunities? Restricting access to data and tightening data security, if done haphazardly, can quickly slow down innovation or decision-making support. Conversely, liberating all data can quickly result in liability issues.

There is a fine balance, an art, to leveraging data governance as a business driver. Imagine discovering and gaining access to what you don’t already know, turning your data intranet into a privacy-sensitive data internet. See how the partnership between Google Cloud and Collibra opens the aperture for enacting a successful data governance strategy at scale, no matter where your data resides.

Speakers: Jim Cushman, Evren Eryurek

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