SurfaceFleet Supplemental Video Demonstration (UIST 2020)

Published on 22 Oct 2020, 15:25
How to use Containers, Portfolios, Media Primitives, and Interaction Promises that Automatically Update (Auxiliary material for ACM UIST 2020 publication)

This demonstration provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how some of the main user interface elements behave in SurfaceFleet.

SurfaceFleet is a system and toolkit that uses resilient distributed programming techniques to explore cross-device interactions that are unbounded in the dimensions of device, application, user, and time.

In particular, SurfaceFleet uses lightweight, semi-transparent UI elements known as Applets that appear to float above the window manager shell. But these are cloud-connected independent programs used to connect devices and pieces of user content.

For example, a type of Applet known as Containers hold multiple items, while Portfolios provide a portal mechanism for sharing content and tools across devices. Several of the demonstrated examples use Images to show how Media Primitives can be shared through Portfolios and connected to interaction Promises in a Word document.

This video demonstration is supplemental material for the paper “SurfaceFleet: Exploring Distributed Interactions Unbounded from Device, Application, User, and Time” ( which appears in ACM UIST 2020. It also complements the main video ( that showcases the high-level concepts contributed by the system.

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