Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 - Ship with Budgie Desktop 10.5.1, Add new Mojave Theme/Icons And Font Makeover

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Published on 31 Oct 2020, 11:00
The Ubuntu Budgie Project Team has been announced and released Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 October 22rd, 2020. Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 will be supported with security and software updates for 9 months, until April 2021, This release rolls-up various developments, fixes and optimizations that have been released since the 18.04 LTS.
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The highlight of the release Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 is application menu now leverages the search facility to find the various parts of GNOME Settings. Many icons previously displayed are now stripped out allowing quicker visual access to applications. Also, look out for the optional rollover capability now in the category view.

include a full Mac-like makeover using the fabulous Mojave theme and icons through a click of a button. Add a new optional applet to replace the menu to present a full-screen application icons display based on a new project called lightpad

Window Shuffler – enable/disabling the capability is now dynamic - there is no need to logout/login, a new capability to resize adjacent windows automatically.

Ubuntu 20.10 powered by Linux Kernel 5.8 and compatibility with GNOME 3.38 packages.

For more details: ubuntubudgie.org/2020/09/ubunt...

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