Was our Raid Shadow Legends Sponsorship a Mistake... - WAN Show January 15, 2021

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Published on 16 Jan 2021, 2:42
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Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222)
0:07 Fake Raid Shadow Legends Sponsor
0:22 Recap
0:55 Intro
1:36 Raid Shadow Legends Sponsor Controversy
2:47 What Luke likes about Raid Shadow Legends
3:53 Raid Shadow Legends Sponsor - Linus' Response
7:00 What apps/games Linus has on his phone
8:20 The integrity of sponsors
9:55 Why the community was mad - Raid Shadow Legends' Parent Company
11:30 World of Warships Comparison
13:50 People are tired of hearing about Raid Shadow Legends
14:52 Luke on people focusing on something small and taking up comments
15:50 Not planning to sponsor it again and why
17:23 Reacting to some of the comments on the video
18:56 Should you leave WhatsApp? (Luke)
20:34 Linus' take on WhatsApp
21:42 FaceBook moving the goalposts
22:50 Everyone needs to leave mentality
23:53 Why Luke has a FaceBook account
24:27 Stream Lag/Reconnect + Linus' family members using online DNA test kits
26:57 Linus' digital information's ship has sailed
28:01 Back to WhatsApp privacy
29:30 What difference does it make what chat app(s) you use
31:34 Why Linus uses WhatsApp
33:03 We need a new Trillian
33:48 How can people mass migrate through apps
34:24 Invisible status on apps
36:19 Ranking message apps' security
37:40 Superchat about Linus fixing a 5950X pin
38:15 Message from Jake about switching to 25 Gigabit Fiber
39:46 Sponsor Spots
39:52 Backblaze
41:05 Privacy
42:01 PIA (Private Internet Access)
43:11 Intel replaces Bob Swan with Pat Gelsinger
44:31 Lead by an engineer
45:01 Gelsinger's background
46:03 Accomplishments
46:47 Whipping new CPUs out of the oven
47:48 LTT Store Announcements
47:48 Launching limited edition Pink "Lambo" Beanie on LTT Store
49:19 What you get with the Pink Lambo Beanie
51:05 Limited Edition shirt "Live - Laugh - Liau"
52:57 The Grey Crewneck Sweaters are back in stock
53:27 Google purchases Fitbit
55:10 Swacket V2
56:12 Samsung "Upcycling at home"
56:55 Avoiding damage from it
58:02 Razer debuts Project Hazel (Mask)
59:34 Luke surprised at lack of fashion masks
1:00:56 Swacket V2 Mockup
1:01:44 Superchats
1:05:04 Outro
1:05:29 Linus Braces
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