Adam Savage's STAR WARS DAY Live Stream: May 4, 2021, 11 am PDT

Published on 4 May 2021, 19:17
It's May the Fourth, so to celebrate Star Wars Day, Adam shows off some of the most beloved pieces of his Star Wars collection, then takes questions from Tested channel members about .... well, Star Wars and his recent Mandalorian Amban blaster build (! Note: This live stream will be streamed live publicly, then it will become members-only in its full, ad-free form. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like participating in our live chat and asking Adam a question:

00:00 Show and Tell
12:21 Can we see your Boba Fett costume?
18:17 Have you ever gotten into a friendly lightsaber fight that got out of hand?
27:05 Did you let your kids discover Star Wars on their own or was it always a part of their life?
28:46 Have you ever contemplated turning an entire room into a set piece? What would the theme be?
31:05 What are your thoughts on Galaxy's Edge at any of the Disney parks?
31:25 What environment/area/planet from the Star Wars universe would you like to recreate as a real space?
36:04 If you hadn't done Mythbusters, do you think you would have stayed at ILM, or moved on?
42:08 Which Star Wars scene brings you joy as a fan and which scene brings you joy as a maker/builder/effects person?
47:08 If you were to be called in to help with shipbuilding in the current Star Wars universe, which would you prefer to do: create and build your own ship exterior or collaborate on an interior ship set?
47:56 Which is your favorite rebellion fighter craft?
50:26 Have you ever built a sand people rifle or do you have any aspirations in building the prop gun?
54:06 Do you see yourself learning 3D design software in order to make (or adjust existing) 3D parts? Do you think you would be happy with a completely 3D printed replica?
58:56 Are there any tips on converting a toy Bowcaster to look like the real thing?
1:02:21 Are there any Star Wars prequal pieces that you have seen come up in auctions that you made or helped made?
1:03:22 How was the mental shift of the more physical machining to the 3D model cad?

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