Level1 News May 5 2021: NASA, pick one: ☑Musk ☒Bezos

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Published on 5 May 2021, 4:30


0:00 - Intro
0:56 - TSMC Update: 2nm in Development, 3nm and 4nm on Track for 2022
1:04 - Nikkei: Apple is starting mass production of the M2 chips this month using TSMC's N5P process
2:01 - iOS 14.5 delivers Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, more diverse Siri voice options, and new privacy controls
3:03 - Apple to establish North Carolina campus, increase U.S. spending targets
4:01 - Apple Must Face Lawsuit for Telling Consumers They Can "Buy" Movies, TV Shows
5:44 - YouTube is a media juggernaut that could soon equal Netflix in revenue
7:38 - Play something: Netflix launches button for indecisive couch potatoes
8:37 - Tesla wants to make every home a distributed power plant
10:05 - Tesla Loses A Lot Of Money Selling Cars, But Makes It All Back On Credits And Bitcoin
11:27 - Bezos’ Blue Origin protests NASA awarding astronaut lunar lander contract to Musk’s SpaceX
12:50 - Lyft will sell self-driving car unit to a subsidiary of Toyota for $550 million
14:11 - Microsoft shakes up PC gaming by reducing Windows store cut to just 12 percent
14:47 - Fortnite isn’t on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service because Epic won’t allow it
17:19 - Instacart Expands Online Food-Stamp Payments, Challenging Rivals
19:14 - Goolge Is Saving Over $1 Billion a Year by Working From Home
21:34 - CES 2022 will return to Las Vegas in person
22:22 - Roku Warns YouTube TV Customers That Service Could Go Dark Due To Google’s “Monopoly” Moves; “Disappointed” YouTube Says It Is Bargaining In Good Faith
24:08 - Oracle VP Ken Glueck Suspended by Twitter for Doxing an Intercept Reporter
25:40 - As Outbreak Rages, India Orders Critical Social Media Posts to Be Taken Down
26:46 - Facebook Flummoxed by the Town of Bitche, France
28:27 - Spotify Is Launching Podcast Subscriptions, and Unlike Apple Won’t Take a Cut From Creators
29:20 - Coding experts tell Salon Mike Lindell's botched social site was doomed to fail

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