I LOVE These Ads! - WAN Show May 7, 2021

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Published on 8 May 2021, 2:28
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Timestamps (Courtesy of Timestamp Guy)
00:01:19 Intro
00:02:32 Signal throws shade on Instagram
00:14:30 Disney's Lightsaber
00:17:37 Did Tesla buy GIGABYTE?
00:25:01 $400 airbag vest for your motorcycle, won't work until you spend more money
Honey 🍯 - 00:40:10
Ridge Wallet - 00:41:06
Squarespace - 00:41:50
00:42:41 Tim Epic and Tim Apple's epic saga continues
00:47:47 Tim Sweeney thinks EGS will make up 35-50% of the PC gaming market and be profitable by 2024
00:50:30 NICE promo code on lttstore.com (free shipping worldwide on orders over $69.69) [EXPIRED]
00:51:59 Sennheiser sells consumer audio division to hearing aid maker
01:01:30 Linus is now driving a Porsche
01:03:59 Superchats
01:08:47 Outro