Level1 News May 25 2021: Cryptpocalypse Now

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Published on 25 May 2021, 4:30


0:00 - Intro
1:55 - Verizon forces users onto pricier plans to get $50-per-month gov’t subsidy
4:24 - Frontier lied about internet speed, FTC says in post-net neutrality case
6:39 - A federal government left ‘completely blind’ on cyberattacks looks to force reporting
7:44 - Amazon internal messages show the FTC is prodding the tech giant to punish fake-review schemers
8:53 - U.S. Treasury calls for stricter cryptocurrency compliance with IRS, says they pose tax evasion risk
9:48 - When It Comes to Taxes, Being Tracked Can Be a Good Thing
11:47 - Fullerton settles lawsuit against bloggers, recants accusations of criminal hacking
14:29 - Facebook says government internet shutdowns are on the rise
16:25 - Facebook Loses Challenge to Irish Watchdog Group
17:22 - Tech's non-compete agreements hurt workers and anger some lawmakers
19:15 - FBI Has Gained Access to Sci-Hub Founder's Apple Account, Email Claims
21:19 - Biden filmed putting the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup through its paces
22:09 - Huawei's cloud services find government buyers
23:02 - China bans financial, payment institutions from cryptocurrency business
23:40 - Russia, racing to beat Tom Cruise and NASA to first movie shot in space, picks its cast
24:58 - Twitter verification process open for first time since 2017
26:35 - Founder of TikTok owner ByteDance to step down as CEO
27:46 - Researchers Worry Facebook Is Muddying Platform's Link To Depression
29:06 - Google Photos will soon make animated photos from your still shots
31:14 - Trump Justice Dept. Tried to Use Grand Jury to Identify Nunes Critic on Twitter
32:58 - Parler returns to Apple’s App Store, names new CEO
34:36 - Microsoft’s LinkedIn Accused by Noted China Critic of Censorship
35:22 - The app that lets you pay to control another person's life

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