Learn how Mainstream Renewable Power uses Teams to electrify the world with renewable energy

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Published on 24 Jun 2021, 16:00
Located in Ireland, Mainstream Renewable Power is one of the most ambitious renewable energy companies on the planet. Since its foundation in 2008, it has delivered more than six gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar assets and has developed the world’s largest offshore wind farms. Mark Kane, Head of Information Solutions from Renewable Mainstream Power will explain how they have been successfully using Microsoft Teams to stay connected with their employees and partners globally to keep powering their business.

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00:00 Show Introduction
01:40 Introduction of guest speaker: Mark Kane, Head of Information Solutions
3:00 Q&A- Talk about what was going on your mind to increase interactions during the pandemic
5:27 Q&A- How did you approach senior leaders and your organization and get their buy-in?
7:18 Q&A- What steps did you take for security to make it a better and safe experience using Teams?
8:49 Q&A- How did you get your organization to understand and use MFA?10:19 Q&A- How have you been using Microsoft Viva to engage with your employees?
11:32 DEMO- Learning management system and Teams Planner
22:04 Q&A- How do you prevent Teams sprawl?
23:20 Q&A- What was the best practice you used to identify between a Teams channel or team?
24:05 Q&A- Looking back was there anything you wished you would have done differently rolling out Teams?
25:00 Q&A- When someone joins the organization how do you on-board them, so they don’t get overwhelmed?
26:07 Q&A- Talk a little bit about how you engage and celebrate employees via Teams?
28:21 Outro ending
29:47 Show ends

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