Mooly Eden Gets Real About Security, Innovation and Leadership | Intel Business

Published on 20 Sep 2021, 17:59
How do you get over the fear of betting on new trends? What makes a great leader? And how do you keep your chin up when your ideas are ridiculed? Well, on this episode of #CyberSecurityInside, Tom and Camille go straight to the source and answer these questions with guest Mooly Eden.

Mooly is a Board Member, Speaker, Former Intel Executive, and all-around fantastic innovator and leader. He has experienced first-hand what it’s like to have a world-changing idea laughed at, and is a prime example of why you should stick to your guns even if you feel discouraged at first. He’s a wealth of knowledge and an incredibly entertaining guest, so you’re not going to want to miss it!

You’ll learn:

- Why employees need to be proactive and persuasive about their concerns, especially relating to cybersecurity
- How all innovation requires a certain level of risk
- Why you shouldn’t get too discouraged if your innovative idea isn’t received well at first
- How to improve your leadership skills by looking inward
- Why it’s better not to sugarcoat things, even if that may seem counterintuitive to some
- How it’s impossible to predict the future, but possessing a strong ability to learn and adapt puts you in an excellent position to thrive
- And more!

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Mooly Eden Gets Real About Security, Innovation and Leadership | Intel Business