Level 1 News Oct. 15: GameBoy Theft Auto

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Published on 15 Oct 2021, 4:00

0:00 Intro/Linode/Mincraft
3:04 Twitch source code and business data leaked on 4chan - The Record by Recorded Future
4:39 Twitch’s security problems started long before this week’s hack - The Verge
6:32 Google is about to turn on two-factor authentication by default for millions of users - The Verge
7:29 Apple will finally let you report App Store scams with Report a Problem button - The Verge
8:29 Researcher refuses Telegram’s bounty award, discloses auto-delete bug | Ars Technica
9:35 Company That Routes Billions of Text Messages Quietly Says It Was Hacked
11:32 A Blank Wall Can Show How Many People Are in a Room and What They're Doing - Scientific American
12:46 FSF announces JShelter browser add-on to combat threats from nonfree JavaScript — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software
13:37 Neiman Marcus data breach impacts 4.6 million customers
13:57 Ransomware gangs are complaining that other crooks are stealing their ransoms
15:07 Hackers bypass Coinbase 2FA to steal customer funds
15:57 Yorkshire gang's Game Boy device could unlock car in seconds
17:38 A surgically implanted brain stimulation device could help treat severe depression
19:54 Raising Cane's putting corporate staff to work as fry cooks, cashiers
21:00 Classified tank specs leaked on War Thunder game forums
22:07 Mafia bosses worry for future as 'soft' millennial mobsters prefer texting to pistol-whipping
23:06 Photographer Deletes Entire Wedding Album After Being Denied Food
24:04 JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon: To cut my $31.5m pay would 'offend the board'
24:57 Lone white Costco cart formerly known as Blanco is celebrity
26:13 Lord Of The Rings orc was based on Harvey Weinstein
27:49 Hundreds of weird three-eyed 'dinosaur shrimp' emerge after heavy rain
28:44 Fat Bear Week: Is that bear fat, or just chonky? Lasers may help scientists find out
30:17 Missouri man selling catalytic converter online forgets to hide meth
31:42 IKEA cites 'health and safety' for hidden cameras in toilets
33:14 Iranian women on TV banned from eating pizza because it's too provocative
34:56 Outro
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