Getting started with Cloud Run using Cloud Code for PyCharm

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Published on 9 Nov 2021, 0:34
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Cloud Code helps you write, deploy, and debug your cloud native applications for a variety of IDEs. In this video, we show how Cloud Code simplifies Cloud Run development workflows from JetBrains IDEs. We’ll demo how you can use PyCharm with Cloud Code to create and deploy Cloud Run services. We'll also show how to connect your IDE to a Cloud SQL database. Accelerate your application development cycle!

0:00 - Intro
0:21 - Cloud Code overview
0:40 - Installing Cloud Code
1:04 - Cloud Code UI and Cloud Run panel
2:13 - Create a new Cloud Run project with Cloud Code
2:41 - Run Cloud Run service locally on Cloud Run emulator
4:44 - PyCharm database support and Cloud SQL
5:00 - Connect PyCharm to Cloud SQL database
6:06 - Deploy to Cloud Run

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