Lightning talks: Gaming and Entertainment: Content creation at scale

Published on 25 Jan 2022, 1:40
Nikunj Raghuvanshi, Gaming Lead, Microsoft Research Redmond
CJ Williams, Entertainment Lead, Microsoft Azure
Kate Rayner, Partner, The Coalition
Aaron McLeran, Audio Lead, Epic Games

As the Gaming and Entertainment industry has grown to encompass a global consumer base, digital content creators face mounting challenges in scaling to meet consumer demand. A new opportunity is emerging to provide artists, designers, producers, and developers innovative technologies that bond with increasingly complex physics and AI systems to model, simulate, and render detailed 3D worlds in real time. The opportunities extend beyond entertainment. Technologies for realistic 3D simulation are becoming prevalent in a wide range of industries, as companies need data to build business-critical AI models and systems. Join researchers and industry experts to explore the challenges and opportunities for the next generation of content-creation technologies.

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