Fresenius Medical Care: Enabling Patient Care Solutions with Near Real-Time Data-Driven Insights

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Published on 4 May 2022, 20:55
Fresenius Medical Care innovates with breakthrough technology using clinic medical information system data from a dialysis machine at the clinic site. The  point of care device embeds the models into the edge with Kafka feeds so that the clinic can react to patients dialysis treatment. The Kafka events feed into Kinesis Data Streams, AWS Lambda, Kinesis Data Analytics, and SageMaker visualized with Elasticsearch Service in Kibana for the near real-time feed of the patient treatment. The machine data set is used to detect the patient's blood pressure to predicting their dialysis and provide proactive measures of treatment. The data is also streamed into Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and aggregated with the data warehouse ingested by Glue and into S3 Data Lake for further data analysis and modeling by the data scientist to discover additional predictive models for patient care.

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