How to Choose Overclock Memory – DIY in 5 Ep 171

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Published on 8 May 2022, 13:00
Are you unsure of how to choose the right overclock memory for your system? Trisha and the team at Kingston are here to help!

There are so many memory options out there today the decision can be overwhelming. Factors such as price, speed, capacity, even motherboard and processor limitations, can all complicate the process. Kingston has its own line of overclockable memory: FURY. Beast is our entry-level option with Plug N Play tech and XMP profiles, perfect for those who don’t want to tamper with the BIOS. Renegade is more high-end, using XMP profiles to engage the overclock. You’ll pay a little more for the fastest speeds, but what price pristine performance? Lastly, FURY’s SODIMM line for laptops and small form factor PCs, Impact, which uses Plug N Play tech to automatically engage the overclock.

Kingston has a Configurator tool which will help you to match the right memory for your motherboard’s memory channel architecture. Bear in mind, most AMD/Intel computers have a dual channel memory architecture, meaning a pair of identical memory modules will provide the best performance.

K2 kits are broadly the best option for overclockers, offering extreme yet stable performance. At extreme speeds, Single Rank modules tend to be more effective. Do your best not to mix kits: buy a K4 over 2 K2s at different times, to make certain that the modules are identical. This means they will work together more effectively. It’s rarely advisable to add memory modules to the second bank of sockets for Dual or Quad Channel systems, since it overly burdens the processor at high speeds.

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More RAM or Faster RAM?

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