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Published on 5 Jun 2022, 13:00
The need to securely store and access large amounts of content has only grown as video files become more ubiquitous and higher-resolution. How can you keep your data, from personal files to NDA-protected video, safe? Encryption is the answer.

Software Encryption vs Hardware Encryption
Software encryption is handled by the machine while it runs all of the other tasks it is responsible for, and protected by said machine’s password. Hardware-based encryption is handled on its own dedicated device, decentralized and hidden behind the device’s own password. This makes for a much more secure situation, in the case of theft.

Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD
The Kingston IronKey VP80ES has an adjustable auto-timeout and supports passwords or passphrases up to 64 characters in length. It has brute force attack protection and multi-user support, so it is resistant to threat actors while also being easy for individuals and organizations to use and coordinate. Learn more at

Encrypted storage devices are the best method out there for keeping content safe and easily accessible. Just don’t forget your password…
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