Kingston Is With You

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Published on 6 Jun 2022, 15:00
Kingston is known for many things, from memory and storage solutions like solid-state drives (SSDs) and encrypted USBs to high-performance memory. These products can be found everywhere: around people’s homes, offices, even satellites and beyond. However, even with our status as a global leader in the tech industry, Kingston is made of amazing people who operate more like a family than a large corporation.

The corporate culture and brand philosophy Kingston began growing over 35 years ago has guided us in developing valued relationships with our outstanding employees, suppliers, partners and customers.
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Data Security
Businesses, governments and individuals require encrypted threat prevention solutions to help mitigate risks and complement security plans, whether well-established or in development.
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A family of performance storage and workflow options, from flash drives and memory cards to high-end SSDs, means you can focus on your creativity with speed, portability and convenience.
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PC Enthusiast
Whether you want to beat the unbeatable, create more beauty, or simply work with confidence that your machine is future-proof, Kingston will be with you through it all.
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