Engagement hinges on communication: Blum empowers frontline workers with employee experience app

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Published on 22 Jun 2022, 17:55
Starting with horseshoe studs, Blum has grown into a leading furniture fittings manufacturer. The Austria-based company has employees worldwide and wanted to engage them more fully, especially frontline workers who didn’t have access to computers.

Always innovating, Blum participated in a private preview of a new product, Microsoft Viva, as part of its Microsoft 365 license. It adopted Viva Connections, which employees use to stay updated, complete HR tasks, and profit from various benefits.

All company divisions use the employee experience platform to make updates in one place and know that all employees will see critical information. Employees have access to fun perks and each other, and frontline workers are more engaged than ever before.

View the case study: aka.ms/Blum_Viva_CS

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