Why enterprises are embracing private wireless

Published on 27 Jun 2022, 10:21
Pace of private wireless adoption set to increase dramatically

Increasing numbers of industries and enterprises now understand the value and potential of private wireless networks. Nokia is seeing a huge rate of acceleration in its deployment – and is expecting that pace to rise dramatically in the months and years to come.

Making the technology easy to use and deploy in a way that suits a wide range of use cases has been an even more successful process than Nokia expected. The company’s increasing expertise in the field ensures a wider range of businesses can afford – and benefit from – the benefits of private wireless.

One step that has been crucial in this process is the creation of several segments within Nokia to focus on particular industries. These teams create a depth of specialized knowledge that helps to drive the process of adoption and deployment in each sector.

This innovation has been assisted by the creation of partnerships with the companies that manufacture the machines at the heart of each network. As a result, the enterprise in question can take delivery of a network that works to a super-reliable standard to the commercial benefit of the client in question.

Pre-integration in this way ensures the creation of a joint road map. A greater degree of technological alignment at an earlier stage in the process ensures an end user has no concerns about performance, reliability and interoperability.

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Time stamps:

01:12 – Compelling use cases that show the value of private wireless
04:50 – How Nokia is making deployment quick and easy
08:05 – The importance of the ecosystem
13:27 – Why 5G gives enterprises more choice
20:03 – How Nokia is differentiating itself
27:30 – Incredible rate of acceleration in customer numbers
30:40 – Access to licensed spectrum is changing the game