Level1 Last Week in Tech Friday July 15 2022: Infidelity So Nice It Produces Twice

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Published on 15 Jul 2022, 4:30


0:00 - Intro
1:12 - US Army buys Penguin drone, Bayraktar’s Latvian lookalike
2:45 - AI-powered technology will be used to speed up VAR offside calls at World Cup
4:18 - Meet ReachBot, a robot designed to explore Martian caves
6:19 - Cloned mice created from freeze dried skin cells in world first
8:20 - Steve Jobs awarded posthumous Medal of Freedom by President Biden
8:58 - Cinemas Ban Groups Watching 'Minions: The Rise of Gru' in Formal Attire
11:59 - Objective Reality May Not Exist, Scientists Say
13:17 - Uvalde school shooting report: Officer sought permission to shoot gunman before he entered school but didn't hear back in time
14:35 - Free noodles offered as Japan wrestles with low youth turnout for elections
16:51 - Wavy, inflatable tube people set up in Rockhampton Botanic Gardens to deter flying fox population
18:36 - Authorities arrest organizers of ‘Helwan Real Batman Battle’
19:22 - Call to tighten New Zealand law that allows public pooing if no one watching
22:01 - Channel 10’s new breakfast show records 44 Sydney viewers in dismal debut
23:34 - Beck wishes he had let "Weird Al" Yankovic parody "Loser"
24:27 - Hikers from Texas rescued on Colorado trail, officials say
25:26 - Nigerian couple charged with plotting to get child to UK to harvest organs
26:26 - Germany’s largest landlord to restrict heating at night
30:23 - Elon Musk reacts to report he had secret twins with Neuralink exec weeks before baby with Grimes

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