July 2022 | oneAPI Dev News | Intel Software

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Published on 21 Jul 2022, 13:00
The oneAPI Dev News for July points you to some best practices to keep the CPU and GPU working at the same time. Shares an article presenting the recent evolution of SIMD vectorization technology in the LLVM and GCC compilers for underlying Intel CPU and Intel GPU ISAs. Showcases a brief introduction to the Level Zero API. And digs into the article "Speeding Up the Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning."

Efficient Heterogeneous Parallel Programming Using OpenMP: intel.ly/39F1Ow9

Vectorization in LLVM and GCC for Intel CPUs and GPUs: intel.ly/3HNucJr

Using the oneAPI Level Zero Interface: intel.ly/3xDTKUj

Speeding Up the Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning: intel.ly/3OnJNRP

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July 2022 | oneAPI Dev News | Intel Software