How to use the power of Wi-Fi and private wireless to boost digital transformation

Published on 27 Jul 2022, 11:36
How MX Boost delivers optimized throughput and improved data processing

MX Boost is a Nokia Bell Labs patented technology that makes it easy to combine private wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 for business-critical OT applications.

It appears inevitable that 4.9G/LTE and 5G private wireless networks will become the main connectivity choice for enterprises keen to reap the benefits of #digitalization and Industry 4.0.

However, most enterprises have legacy wireless connectivity in place, such as Wi-Fi, that cannot simply be switched off.

MX Boost is an IP-based solution, which means it is simple to implement and it has a minimal impact on the network solutions it uses. It is deployed as an application on Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge, and its multi-modem industrial devices.

With MX Boost, industries and enterprises benefit from:
i) An optimized throughput in difficult radio conditions.
ii) Improved data processing in highly critical applications.

The most typical usage of MX Boost is to support applications that require high data rates, capacity and quality in specific hotspots. Examples include high-quality sensor-based applications for multi-metal impurity detection, and augmented reality maintenance applications.

MX Boost is also commonly used to combine various radio technology types like 4G and 5G, and multiple spectrum bands such as centimeter wave, millimeter wave, or disparate 4G bands.

Enterprises such as ports, metal factories and mines, which operate with challenging radio conditions, can use MX boost to replicate data connectivity on two 4.9G/LTE bands and improve reliability.

To learn more, listen to this Nokia podcast now.

0:00 Introduction
2:20 Issues caused by legacy wireless connectivity at enterprises
3:15 How MX Boost mitigates the complexity of various radio technologies
4:20 Full details of the way MX Boost brings benefits to enterprises
6:30 What are the top applications supported by MX Boost?
8:30 An IP-based solution like MX Boost is ideal in a multi-vendor environment
11:51 How Nokia meets enterprises’ need for flexibility and choice
12:30 How enterprises can transition seamlessly to private wireless