The Level1 Show July 29 2022: All In All It's Just Another Catgirl Through The Wall

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Published on 29 Jul 2022, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
1:06 - Robot dog with machine gun hints of a dystopian future
3:17 - This robot dog just taught itself to walk
4:31 - Amazon's Prime Air drones will soon make deliveries in Texas
5:44 - Microsoft launches simulator to train drone AI systems
7:18 - UK set to have world's biggest automated drone superhighway
8:00 - OpenAI expands access to DALL-E 2, its powerful image-generating AI system
9:38 - American Airlines reserves 50 flying taxis
11:15 - A brain-computer startup beat Elon Musk's Neuralink to implanting its first device in a US patient
12:19 - Astronomers reveals how black holes turn stars into 'spaghetti'
13:12 - Dormant black hole discovered outside our galaxy for first time
13:58 - NASA’s massive new SLS rocket gets first tentative launch dates
15:14 - Media Confidence Ratings at Record Lows
16:59 - Secret Service Director James Murray announces retirement
19:03 - Iran Bans Dogs for being a "Symbol of the West"
20:58 - Bhagwant Mann Discharged From Delhi Hospital After A Day
23:15 - Quidditch cuts ties to 'Harry Potter' as it rebrands as quadball
24:19 - NASA Perseverance rover: Bundle of string on Mars' surface found
25:06 - Pakistani goat's loooong ears could be world record. Of course Twitter weighs in
26:32 - Snyder Cut Fan Campaign Fueled by Bot Accounts, Report Says
27:19 - US tourist falls into Mount Vesuvius after taking selfie
28:29 - Thousands of litres of water to stop '60-degree' Tour de France roads melting
29:46 - Sesame Street Responds To Accusations Character Ignored Two Fans
31:31 - Taste the toxin? Skittles ‘unfit for human consumption’, lawsuit claims
33:45 - Chinese gamers are using a Steam wallpaper app to get porn past the censors


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