Memory Nexus - Kingston FURY Gaming PC Build Timelapse

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Published on 2 Aug 2022, 14:00
In this timelapse video, AK created a custom Kingston FURY PC build in his lab, which took 480 hours to complete from conception. He started with an open-frame PC case, a gaming PC motherboard, and a GPU. For the customized parts, AK used CNC milling on aluminum plates to cut ports for transparent liquid cooling tubes which resemble pistons. He then cut red plexiglass to create a translucent red glow to complement the glowing red cooling fans. There are also clear plexiglass windows to display our Kingston FURY Beast RGB memory. Next, he mounted together old memory modules and an old SSD, painted them matte black and attached them to the outside surface for a tech aesthetic. For storage, this PC is powered by Kingston FURY Renegade SSD. The completed design resembles a high-tech engine. We hope you enjoyed watching AK build this PC.

AK, a Taiwanese PC modder, has devoted his life to the world of case modding since 2016. With his talents and extensive experience, AK won championships in worldwide casemod contests and received the honors of “Mod of the Year” in 2019 and “Best Craftsmanship and Performance & Aesthetics” in 2020. Skilled in crafting, AK applies particular care and attention to create his builds with numerous tiny details and rich materials.

AK’s Stats:
• Over 7 years of expertise in PC modding
• Cooler Master CMWS2019 Master League Winner
• Bit-tech Mod of the Year 2019 in Association with Corsair- Mod of the Year
• Cooler Master CMWS2020 Best Craftsmanship, Performance and Aesthetics
• Dedicated to the details with simple and cohesive design

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