Jetpack - Kingston FURY Gaming PC Build Timelapse

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Published on 3 Aug 2022, 14:00
In this timelapse video, YM premieres his custom Kingston FURY PC build made in his lab which took 360 hours to complete from conception. The Jetpack build features a vertically mounted motherboard, liquid-cooled CPU with red coolant liquid, and three red LED fans resembling jets to cool the radiators on each side. YM milled metal, acrylic, and plastic parts to create this custom build. At the rig’s heart you’ll find Kingston FURY Beast RGB memory modules with Kingston FURY Renegade SSD for storage. We hope you enjoyed watching YM build the Kingston FURY Jetpack PC!

YM, a full-time PC modder, dipped his toes into the world of case modding in 2017. With a strong technique for modifying water cooling, YM creates customized systems to make the rigs appealing and accentuate the features of essential components. Also, as a sci-fi lover, YM creates sleek looks and adds life to his builds by utilizing a wide range of metals, LEDs, and eye-catching patterns.

YM's Stats:
• Over 6 years of expertise in PC modding
• Skilled in water cooling channels

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