The Green Planet AR Experience streamed with NVIDIA CloudXR

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Published on 31 Aug 2022, 20:38
The Green Planet AR Experience is an interactive, augmented reality experience that blended physical and digital worlds to connect people with nature. During the Green Planet AR Experience, visitors were led through a living rainforest and six distinct biomes by a 3D hologram of Sir David Attenborough, familiar to many as the narrator of some of the world’s most-watched nature documentaries. To bring these virtual worlds to life in a sustainable way, award-winning studio Factory 42 combined captivating storytelling with cutting-edge technology. Using NVIDIA RTX and CloudXR, the creative team elevated the AR experience and delivered high-fidelity, photorealistic virtual environments over a 5G network. Note: This experience was live February 11th – March 9th, 2022.