Building Autonomous Rail Networks in NVIDIA Omniverse with Digitale Schiene Deutschland

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Published on 22 Sep 2022, 15:59
The $300 billion-dollar global railroad market is a critical part of the global supply chain—helping to move the world.

Digitale Schiene Deutschland, part of German railway network Deutsche Bahn, designing, building, and operating a digital twin of its rail network. This will let them maximize transport efficiency and capacity across its rail network of 5,700 stations and 33,000 km of tracks, without building new infrastructure.

Beyond capacity optimization, Digitale Schiene Deutschland is using the digital twin to train and validate AI models that can continuously monitor the railways and trains and recognize hazards and situations that can affect network operations.

With NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, DSD expects to increase capacity and efficiency of the railway, and reduce its carbon footprint.

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