11 hours 0:40
Clashes erupt as hundreds protest against Lebanon government after blast
Clashes between protesters and security forces erupted in Beirut on Saturday, in the wake of Tuesday's massive explosion that devastated the city.
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Lebanon PM: 'People have a right to be furious' about blast
The prime minister of Lebanon, Hassan Diab, tells ITV News in an exclusive clip at the site of the Beirut explosion that he understands people's fury about the incident.
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Bride and groom caught in Beirut blast during video shoot
A bride and groom were posing for a video and photo shoot in central Beirut on August 4 when an explosion at the port, just under a mile away, sent a shockwave across the city, shattering windows
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16 hours 1:35
Schools minister on safety in classrooms and quarantine for holidaymakers | Coronavirus
Nick Gibb insists schools will be safe to return to in England come September, and says "dangerous" infection rates abroad are constantly monitored to help the government take decisions on
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At least 16 dead and over 100 injured in Air India plane crash
An Air India Express flight from Dubai has crash landed at Calicut Airport after overshooting the runway in heavy rain.
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1 day 1:08
Passenger plane crashes in India - recovery operation begins
An Air India Express flight from Dubai has crash landed at Calicut Airport after overshooting the runway in heavy rain, killing two.
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1 day 1:44
Thousands pack Britain's beaches as heatwave hits
Britons have been warned not to "underestimate the heat" on what could be the hottest day of the year amid concerns that it will become "highly dangerous" to be outside.
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Dinghy carrying more migrants across the English Channel intercepted by authorities
The Navy could be called in to help reduce the number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel after 235 reached the UK in a new record for a single day.
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1 day 0:28
Firefighters tackling large wildfire on Chobham Common in Surrey
Fire engines are currently tackling a large wildfire on Chobham Common in Surrey.  Surrey Fire and Rescue Service were called to the fire at 12.25pm and crews remain on scene battling the blaze. 
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Rishi Sunak visits Scotland as Government press the case for union
Now is not the time to discuss Scottish independence, the Chancellor has said on a trip north of the border.
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Firefighters must wear body worn cameras due to a rise in violent attacks, fire chiefs say
Fire service chiefs are calling for body-cameras to be worn by all crews following a rise in violent attacks during lockdown.
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1 day 0:40
Mixed reaction from Eurostar passengers over quarantine rules
People travelling via the Eurostar from St Pancras are asked about their concerns over countries being added to quarantine lists or closed to travel.
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1 day 0:33
New video shows closest angle to Beirut explosion so far
New footage has surfaced which shows one of the closest perspectives of the Beirut explosions seen so far.
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1 day 2:13
Captain who brought explosive to Beirut: ’If I knew, I would not have boarded the ship'
The chemicals that went up in flames in Beirut's deadliest peace-time explosion arrived in the Lebanese capital seven years ago on a leaky Russian-leased cargo ship that, according to its captain
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1 day 0:37
Donald Trump mispronounces Thailand as "thighland"
US President Donald Trump mispronounced Thailand as Thighland during a speech at a Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio.
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1 day 0:52
UK to have crunch talks with French over migrant crossings, Chancellor confirms
The UK will hold crunch talks with French authorities over the growing crisis over migrant crossings, as the Government comes under pressure to act.
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1 day 0:32
Quarantine list 'kept under constant review' as Rishi Sunak warns more countries could be added
Britain will not hesitate to add more countries to its quarantine list, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said today when asked about whether France could join Spain on the list.
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Protesters clash with police in Beirut as anger rises following devastating blast
Lebanese protesters clashed with police late Thursday as they tried to approach government buildings in central Beirut. Police responded with tear gas and dispersed the crowd.
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FBI and SWAT raid Jake Paul's home in California
FBI agents including a SWAT team served a search warrant at the home of YouTube star Jake Paul on Wednesday. The FBI executed the search warrant starting at 6 a.m.
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1 day 4:02
Lockdown body challenge: Eight weeks to get back in shape | Week two | F45
During lockdown many of us have gained weight and with 2020 being 'cancelled' it was hard to stay motivated, as Telegraph Journalist Danielle Robinson found.
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1 day 1:46
Trump says Biden will hurt God and take away guns
President Donald Trump traveled to Ohio Thursday, looking to reframe the centerpiece of his reelection pitch in a crucial swing state and promote the economic prosperity that much of the nation
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1 day 43:12
Chopper's Politics Podcast: Around the world in three interviews
Subscribe to Chopper's Politics for free: playpodca.st/chopper In a poor excuse for a summer holiday, Christopher Hope takes an audio journey starting in Washington, where Government trade
2 days 1:01
Macron hugs distraught woman in Beirut who begs for justice
On a tour of the destruction, Macron got a first-hand glimpse of the public fury toward the Lebanese leadership, who are widely blamed for corruption and neglect that allowed 2,750 tons of highly
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2 days 1:01
Funerals for Beirut explosion victims begin
As Lebanon reels from the aftermath of the devastating explosion the rocked the capital earlier this week, funerals are being held for the dead.
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2 days 2:45
Boris Johnson defends 'world beating' Test and Trace system despite one in five cases missed
Boris Johnson has defended his claim that the NHS Test and Trace system is “world beating” despite the latest figures revealing one in five positive cases are not being reached.
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2 days 12:11
Coronavirus - The Latest: The Covid-19 'long-haulers'
Subscribe to our Coronavirus podcast with analysis of the impact on health, business and travel in the UK and beyond: playpodca.st/coronavirus As MPs are warned that up to half a
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2 days 0:59
Beirut explosion: President Macron calls for independent investigation
French aid to crisis-stricken Lebanon will not go to “corrupt hands”, President Emmanuel Macron pledged Thursday, as public outrage grew over a devastating explosion in Beirut caused by thousands of
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2 days 1:39
Beirut explosion will 'probably' lead to more coronavirus cases, says Lebanese doctor
The director general of a Lebanese hospital said he expects the number of coronavirus cases to increase, as result of crowding following Beirut's massive blast earlier this week. Dr.
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2 days 3:01
Mother of PC Andrew Harper campaigns for tougher sentences for police killers
The mother and widow of Pc Andrew Harper have launched campaigns for tougher punishments for those who kill police officers.
2 days 2:07
Bank of England say economic recovery following coronavirus is under way but admit risks remain
The economy is bouncing back from Covid-19 as businesses reopen and shoppers get spending but big risks remain over the recovery, the Bank of England said on Thursday.
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