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Adam Savage's Live Streams: April 20, 2021, 11 am PT/6 pm GMT
Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like participating in our live chat and asking Adam a question: youtube.com/channel/UCiDJtJKMICpb9B1qf7qjEOA/join In this
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8 hours 9:52
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Plastic Forming Strip Heater!
Today's tool tip is all about using heat in different ways to form sheet material, whether it's with a blow dryer, dedicated heat gun, or a specialized tool like a plastic forming strip heater.
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1 day 24:58
Adam Savage's Indiana Jones Grail Diary Prop Replica!
Adam shares one of his oldest movie prop replicas: a recreation of Henry Jones's Grail Diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!
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2 days 7:23
Ask Adam Savage: A Caution Against the "Comparing Mind"
Tested member End of the Trail Outdoors & Arts asked Adam, "You always seem to have a game plan of the exact material you are going to use before you begin [a build].
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3 days 32:11
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hyperdodecahedron Model Kit!
A perfect weekend project is this beautiful model kit: the Hyperdo from Zometools.
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4 days 6:35
Ask Adam Savage: Which Myth Didn't Get the Love It Deserved?
Tested member Cole Johnson asked Adam, "What myth did you enjoy the most that didn’t get as much love as other myths?
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4 days 13:03
Ask Adam Savage: How Adam Chooses His Cosplays (Plus a Nathan Fillion Story!)
What comes first for Adam: a desire to be a character or a desire to make the costume? Has Adam ever considered a Firefly inspired One Day Build?
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5 days 4:28
Adam Savage Tries on Puppet Mouth Masks!
Adam's love of puppets and affinity of masks get mashed up in this show and tell of a set of delightful puppet masks from puppet designer Kylie Clark.
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5 days 1:08:18
Enter the Infinite Office - This is Only a Test 595 - 4/15/21
Will guests this week as we discuss the major new features of the Oculus Quest 2's impending V28 software release and review the latest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
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6 days 53:36
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Painting Iron Man Armor, Part 2!
Now that his Iron Man Mark I suit has been chrome painted and sealed, it's time for Adam to apply the washes that will tell the story of the armor's age and construction!
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6 days 6:59
Ask Adam Savage: Training a New Shop Employee With "All the PPE"
Adam wasn't sure how to answer it at first, but here's his attempt to take on Tested member C2 Lawson's question, "I will be training a new employee on some shop equipment.
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7 days 8:24
Adam Savage's Vintage Automatic Testing Micrometer
In another deep dive into the world of metrology (the study of measurement), Adam shows us this vintage automatic testing micrometer that is used for a different purpose than his machining
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8 days 7:40
How Adam Savage Stores His Vintage Aerospace Sunglasses
Last year, Adam showed us his repair of his vintage Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses--the same kind that were worn by early NASA astronauts and aerospace pilots.
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9 days 7:13
Ask Adam Savage: Predicting Results on MythBusters
Tested member Steve B asked Adam, "In the early seasons of Mythbusters, one of my favorite parts of each episode was where you would give a percent chance of what you thought could happen in any
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10 days 37:37
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Galloping Horse Animation Machine!
Adam has a background in animation, so it's with great pleasure that he breaks out a flip-movie kit to make an animation machine!
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11 days 51:48
Kayte & Mel Build-Along: Foam Head Sculpting, Part 3 (4/9/21 11aPT/2pET)
Kayte & Mel are back to finish the free foam monster heads! Kayte and Mel put the finishing touches on their fun designs!
11 days 13:37
Ask Adam Savage: How MythBusters' Crew Size Changed Over Time
How did the MythBusters camera and safety crew size change throughout the years? Who actually cleaned the location sites after each myth?
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11 days 40:09
Picard's Second Chance - This is Only a Test 594 - 4/8/21
A special short episode this week as Norm checks in from his paternity leave to catch up with the gang about the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, that bonkers Loki trailer, and
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11 days 7:08
Ask Adam Savage: On Sharing Your Workshop
After some initial distractions, Adam answers Tested member Jaimy V.S.'s question, "In the past or present, how do you deal with other people using your shop who might not have the same affinity for
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12 days 5:27
Adam Savage's Replica Creature Head from The Thing!
Viewers have asked about this creature that hangs from the ceiling above the workshop, and Adam gives us a close look at this replica of one of his favorite monsters from John Carpenter's The Thing!
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13 days 1:06:18
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Painting Iron Man Armor!
What is Adam's favorite part of making? The paint, of course!
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14 days 12:20
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Japanese Hand Saws!
$40 Gyokucho Japanese Hand Saw: amzn.to/2RaypAw Fiskar's Precision Hand Saw: amzn.to/3wr8eWm Professionally Sharpened Japanese Hand Saw
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15 days 11:26
Adam Savage Unboxes a 2004 Hellboy Movie Press Kit!
Let's hang out with Adam has he unboxes and checks out for the first time this artifact from the release of the 2004 Hellboy movie.
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15 days 6:59
Ask Adam Savage: Shop Anchor Points
Tested Member Wayne Lewis wondered, "Kitchens have a common recipe of sink, fridge, range being anchor points that form a triangle.
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16 days 23:19
Hot Toys Hulkbuster Review and Figure Photography Test!
We compare the RAW photo quality of a full-frame DSLR with that of the iPhone with Apple's ProRAW file format, featuring and reviewing the gargantuan Hot Toys Hulkbuster sixth-scale figure.
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17 days 40:02
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hellboy Samaritan Replica Finale!
The past year in lockdown has yielded so many new projects for Adam and the Tested team, but the Hellboy Samaritan prop replica is the one that encapsulates all of Adam's new machining learnings and
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18 days 6:53
Ask Adam Savage: Testing the Bulletproof Water Myth
Tested member Evan Currie wondered, "When you did the gunfire into water myth, I noted that the higher powered rifles actually penetrated less than lower powered ones, however they did it by
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18 days 6:58
Ask Adam Savage: Designing Mobility in a Small Shop
It's another shop infrastructure tip from Adam! In this Q&A, Adam answers Tested member Wayne Lewis' question: "How have you designed mobility in your shop?
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19 days 6:14
Adam Savage Unboxes His James Bond Spectre Cane!
Adam unboxes a prop replica he's had his eye on ever since he saw it at Comic-Con: the cane that James Bond wields in the opening of Spectre, as part of his costume has he wades through the Dia de
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19 days 1:07:12
An Awkward Thanksgiving - This is Only a Test 593 - 4/1/21
We're joined by special guest Devindra Hardawar (from Engadget and the Slashfilmcast) this week to talk about the return of Comic-Con in San Diego this Thanksgiving, the implications of the latest
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