4 hours 1:09:22
Pro, Max, Notch - This is Only a Test 622 - 10/21/21
We react to the trailers and footage shown at DC's recent Fandome event, including the new trailer for The Batman and our first look at Black Adam!
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21 hour 4:32
Adam Sees One of National Air and Space's Favorite Artifacts!
The wonderful Smithsonian curators had a lot of surprises for Adam during his visit to the National Air and Space Museum, and one of them was this camera from the Surveyor III spacecraft!
78 272
1 day 3:28
Adam Savage's Replica NASA Moon Mission Plaques!
Adam unboxes a new addition to his space memorabilia collection: scaled replicas of NASA's lunar plaques that Apollo astronauts brought and left on the moon.
24 980
2 days 11:02
Adam Savage Inspects Ghostbusters: Afterlife's Hero Props!
While on the set of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Adam beelined to the props trailer, where his friend and propmaker Ben Eadie showed us some of the hero props he managed and maintained for the production.
60 280
3 days 8:39
Puppet Master Rick Lyon's Ghostbusters Cosplay at New York Comic Con!
Our friend Rick Lyon doesn't just build incredible puppets, he is an excellent cosplayer as well!
30 666
4 days 10:20
Azula from Avatar Cosplay at New York Comic Con!
Jenna from Turnfolio Cosplay shows Adam the Azula costume she built based on an interpretation of this Avatar antagonist by artist Hannah Alexander.
44 365
5 days 7:51
Adam Savage Meets the Paladins of Cosplay
While at New York Comic Con, we reached out to Paladins of Cosplay to see if they had anything they'd like to show us. Did they ever!
43 773
6 days 59:09
Should've Sent a Poet - This is Only a Test 621 - 10/14/21
We're back from New York Comic Con to talk about the cosplay we saw there, the Ghostbusters: Afterlife panel, and testing the iPhone's cinematic mode on the show floor.
11 198
6 days 12:58
Adam Savage Incognito at New York Comic Con 2021!
Adam suits up with his completed Ghostbusters uniform to walk the floor of this year's New York Comic Con and meet up with the local Ghostbusters cosplayers!
275 519
7 days 1:25:32
Myths Adam Regrets Tackling on MythBusters and Much, Much More
Thank you to Blundstone USA for sponsoring this live stream!
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7 days 15:19
Amazing Princess Bubblegum and Marceline Cosplay!
We couldn't visit New York Comic Con without checking in on our maker and cosplayer friends Regan Cerato and Scone of Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay!
54 009
8 days 8:47
Grant Imahara's R2D2 Replica!
Warning: This video is shaky. Our camera's eyepiece broke just before filming, and we were trying to adjust to using the camera without it.
123 983
10 days 7:14
Smithsonian Welcomes The Expanse
Adam Savage is not the ONLY huge fan of Amazon's series The Expanse.
93 137
11 days 11:27
Ask Adam Savage: Managing Anxiety When Delivering Creative Work
In this live-stream excerpt, Adam Savage answers questions from Tested members Charles White and Nick Meriwether about his work experience, including his process in creating for clients, and
51 302
12 days 19:41
How To Use Flexible LED Filament Wire for Lighting Projects!
We experiment with LED filament wire, a flexible form of LED lighting that is most commonly seen in LED edison bulbs.
85 498
13 days 18:36
Haunted House Miniature Diorama Build!
Jen Schachter's latest diorama project pushes the limits of laser cutter design with a bewitching haunted house miniature, just in time for Halloween!
41 431
14 days 54:52
Windows 11 - This is Only a Test 620 - 10/7/21
We're finally all back together this week to discuss the launch of Windows 11, the recent social media outage, and William Shatner's upcoming trip to space!
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14 days 43:24
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Ghostbusters Proton Pack!
In anticipation of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Adam makes a replica Proton Pack inspired by the film, complete with a full complement of interactive lights, smoke effects, and extra greeblies to make
177 996
15 days 9:08
Grant Imahara's Battlebot Deadblow
Learn more about -- or donate to -- the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation here: grantimaharafoundation.org Both Fon Davis and Adam Savage have a long history with Grant Imahara's infamous
339 233
16 days 5:29
Adam Savage Meets Alan Shepard's Mercury Suit!
While filming in the National Air and Space Museum's Restoration Hanger, the Tested crew came across a familiar sight that we knew Adam would geek out over. Boy, were we right!
109 983
18 days 1:05:08
Let's Build: Bandai 1/60 Injection Molding Machine Model!
We get our hands on a rare Bandai Hobby Injection Molding Machine model kit, a 1/60 scale replica of the Toshiba EC 160 machine used to make Gundam and other snap-fit plastic models!
1 199
18 days 9:00
The One Thing Adam Became Expert at During MythBusters
Tested member Mr. Roboto asked, "Were there any skills that you were average at when Mythbusters began and excellent at when the show ended?" Well.
186 901
19 days 12:52
Thumby Micro Handheld and TinyTV Review!
We check out Tiny Circuits' newest experiment in electronics miniaturization: the Thumby, a micro handheld that's about 1/5 the size of the original Game Boy!
61 850
20 days 1:00:30
Cinematic Mode - This is Only a Test 619 - 9/30/21
The duocast streak continues as Jeremy tags in this week to discuss real world use of iPhone's cinematic video mode, the nitpicking of iPad Mini's jelly roll screen effect, porting Medal of Honor to
10 961
20 days 12:07
Grant Imahara's Animatronic Grogu Replica
Learn more about -- or donate to -- the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation here: grantimaharafoundation.org One of Grant's last major projects is his animatronic "Baby Yoda," a collaboration
304 307
21 day 1:27:29
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Aliens Colonial Marines Armor!
Adam has been chipping away on his Aliens Colonial Marine armor set, and this past summer made headway on replicating the helmet accessories and painting the distinct camouflage effect on his armor.
189 367
22 days 7:25
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Electric Cast-Cutting Saw!
Adam shows off a new tool for the shop that he picked up specifically for cutting through fiberglass.
117 300
23 days 8:15
Working on a Fiction-Based Aircraft as a Smithsonian Museum Specialist
What's it like working on a fictional aircraft when you're used to the real thing?
133 225
25 days 14:50
Ask Adam Savage: On Turning a Hobby Into a (Still Enjoyable) Business
Tested member Mikael asks, "I'm in the process of turning my hobby of making into a side business, but I'm scared it won't be fun anymore, because it'll be work.
82 467
26 days 15:44
Elegoo Mars 3 4K Resin Printer Review!
This week in 3D printing, we review the Elegoo Mars 3, a $300 resin printer with a 4K screen, fall in love with Wham Bam's flexible build plate system, and put a spotlight on two sets of print files
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