8 hours 8:30
Ask Adam Savage: From Messy to (More) Organized
In this excerpt from our Jan. 11 live stream, Adam answers questions from two Tested members. First, Fiona Lieberman asked: "In your book you mention you used to be quite messy.
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14 hours 1:12:50
Adam Savage's Live Streams (Tue, Jan 26, 10 am PT/ -8 GMT)
It's live stream time! In our Jan 26 (10 am PT) live stream, Adam is going to make a small box, and then take questions from Tested members about Savage Builds (the Discovery Channel series).
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19 hours 7:58
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Moly Dee Tapping Fluid
This week's favorite tool is actually a pick not just for its utility--tapping fluid is paramount for machining--but chosen for its novel packaging.
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1 day 8:44
Ask Adam Savage: Public Education, Doctor Who and Scissors
What changes would Adam make to public education if he could? Why doesn't he love Doctor Who? What scissors would Adam recommend to cut stretchy fabrics or hard rubbers? In this excerpt from our Jan.
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1 day 14:02
Adam Savage's Nagra Spy Recorder Collection!
Adam pops open his custom-made carrying case for his collection of Nagra vintage audio recording equipment.
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2 days 11:04
Ask Adam Savage: The Importance of Portfolio
In this Q&A, Adam (eventually) answers Tested member Jared Hinderer's question, "For a job at a company like ILM, how much of the hiring process is based on prior work (ie a portfolio) and how much
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2 days 4:37
Adam Savage's Bronze Beskar Ingot Gift!
Adam opens a mailbag package courtesy of his friend Eric Cheng and is delighted by the beautiful cast Beskar ingot within, made by Thomas O'Brien (aka Made From Fire).
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3 days 21:09
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: New Drill Press Table!
This weekend project has Adam taking apart his Powermatic drill press and lugging the entire machine to the center of the cave to switch out its table with a new one he bought online.
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4 days 8:42
Ask Adam Savage: Props from Literature and Favorite Animation as a Youth
Has Adam ever created a prop from literature? What animation did Adam watch as a kid?
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4 days 1:04:38
Kayte Sabicer Live Build a Long: Felt Fun
After finishing a stop motion project which had her creating props and backgrounds out of felt, Kayte ( kaytesabicer.com/) continues to fabricate fun objects using easy-to-use tools and
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4 days 33:32
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Mercury Spacesuit Wrist Rings, Part 2
Adam is back to finish his replica wrist connectors for his new Mercury spacesuit costume!
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5 days 1:09:54
Apple's VR Conundrum - This is Only a Test 583 - 1/21/21
We break down the confounding rumors about Apple's VR headset plans on this week's show, review the first two episodes of WandaVision, and share what we'd want out of a Willy Wonda prequel.
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5 days 9:36
Ask Adam Savage: Best Age to Introduce the Creative Process
Tested member Nate P asked Adam, "What age do you think introducing a child to the artist/making process will have the most impact on that child?
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5 days 45:11
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Spacesuit Glove Wrist Rings!
Watch the conclusion to this build here!
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6 days 7:57
Ask Adam Savage: When Grant Met NSYNC
In our favorite Grant Imahara story yet, Adam answers Tested member CMorgan's question: "When at ILM what were the most memorable 'walk throughs' of celebrities or other VIPs?" Thank you, CMorgan
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6 days 16:20
Adam Savage's Essential Modelmaking Cutting Tips
During his Jan. 11, 2021 live stream, Adam gave an instructional about his best techniques for cutting various hobby materials, from matte board to styrene.
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7 days 3:50
Ask Adam Savage: Favorite Recent ILM CG or Artwork
Tested channel member Nick Young wanted to know, "What's your favorite CG or artwork ILM has done for recent works like Star Wars or Endgame?" Here's Adam's answer, and we thank Nick for his support
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7 days 6:27
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Blundstone Work Boots!
Over the course of filming MythBusters and Tested, Adam has worn one style of work boot that is suited for almost every environment production takes him: Blundstones.
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8 days 15:14
Adam Savage Finally Fixes His Giant Swiss Army Knife!
In a previous One Day Build video in which Adam made a replacement blade for his Victorinox replica, many viewers pointed out that Adam installed one of the blades backwards!
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9 days 9:06
Ask Adam Savage: "Was ILM Your Dream Job or a Stepping Stone?"
What's one ILM project Adam didn't work on but wish he had? Was ILM Adam's dream job? Were there makers that influenced Adam's design approaches? And would 3D printing have been a game changer?
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9 days 12:20
Adam Savage Repairs His Ugg Boots!
It's the night before Christmas, and Adam sneaks away to the shop for a quick repair job on his indoor Ugg boots!
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10 days 28:24
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Knight Lighter!
Adam is well known for his love of armor, so he couldn't resist picking up this vintage miniature suit of armor--that also happen to be a working lighter!
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11 days 10:11
Ask Adam Savage: Digital vs. Practical Effects, Boredom and Never-Seen Props
What does Adam think about practical vs. digital effects? Is there an ILM prop he worked on that never made it into the final film? Did Adam ever get bored while at ILM? In this excerpt from our Dec.
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11 days 23:50
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro $300 Resin 3D Printer Review!
We test and review the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, a $300 mSLA 3D printer that's ideal for getting started with resin printing.
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12 days 1:09:13
We're All at CES - This is Only a Test 582 - 1/15/21
With the first virtual CES underway, we discuss the weird and far out products and prototypes that debuted this week.
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12 days 11:36
Ask Adam Savage: ILM Hiring Practices and Prop Policies
During Adam's tenure there, what skills did ILM look for when hiring? What happened to ILM props post-filming ? In this excerpt from our Dec.
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12 days 8:33
Ask Adam Savage: Most Valuable Skill Acquired at ILM
In this part show and tell, part Q&A, Adam answers Tested member shadowfax1007's question, "What would you say is the best skill you took away from your time at ILM?" Thank you, shadowfax1007, for
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13 days 5:31
Ask Adam Savage: How Ridiculous Was Filming the MythBusters Herding Cats Episode?
Tested member KeelyCatsMom asks Adam, "Was shooting the Herding Cats myth as absolutely ridiculous as it seemed? Jamie vs the floof made me cry laughing!" Here's Adam's answer.
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13 days 18:53
How Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Learns to Dance!
How does a robot dog learn how to dance? Adam and the Tested team examine and dive into Boston Dynamics' Choreographer software that was behind Spot's recent viral dancing video.
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14 days 10:19
Ask Adam Savage: My First Day and Movies at ILM
What did it feel like on his first day at ILM? Which ILM movies did he work on? In this excerpt from our Dec.
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