2 days 8:30
Weird and Wonderful Vintage Analog Clocks!
Sean Charlesworth from Tested shares one of his passion projects: collecting, restoring, and creating displays out of vintage mechanical clocks.
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3 days 10:24
Ask Adam Savage: How Much Is Cosplay Physical vs. Mental?
In this excerpt from an earlier live stream, Adam answers cosplay-related questions from FOUR Tested members Andrew R, William Van Collenburg, Gideon and Logan, addressing everything from his
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3 days 8:16
How We Manage All Our Video Footage + Edit Off a NAS!
Tested's head of production Joey Fameli explains how he recently upgraded our media management system not only to increase the overall storage capacity and redundancy of our backups, but to also be
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4 days 5:43
Ask Adam Savage: Machining vs 3D Printing
Tested member Chris Horii asks, "How was the mental shift of the more physical machining and the 3D modeling/CAD done for 3D printing, like with the Mando rifle?"Join this channel to support Tested
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5 days 43:37
Let's Build: Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Model Kit (Part 6)
Follow along as Norm embarks on the Eaglemoss Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D model kit! In this episode, we start putting together parts from the Enterprise's engineering section!
5 days 9:57
Iron Man, Stranger Things, and Transformers at Sideshow Con 2021!
One collectibles company making amazing figures from fan-favorite movies and shows is ThreeZero, which has impressed us with their lineup of Transformers diecast robots and Game of Thrones character
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6 days 19:55
Framework Modular Laptop Assembly and Teardown Review!
With right to repair on top of mind lately, the Framework laptop arrives at a perfect time for us to test.
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7 days 9:47
Ask Adam Savage: Transforming Toys into Realistic-Looking Props
In this live-stream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members Patrick Casey, Ben Campbell, JohnO and Jack Meads, then demonstrates a simple weathering technique that will transform any toy
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7 days 10:52
Hot Toys Prototype Figures at Sideshow Con 2021!
Norm can barely contain himself as he gets up close with a wall-to-wall display of Hot Toys prototype figures set up at this year's Sideshow Con event!
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8 days 1:03:56
Steam Deck - This is Only a Test 609 - 7/22/21
Dan Stapleton from IGN joins us this week to break down the announcement of the Steam Deck as we talk through Valve's forays into making and selling hardware.
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8 days 31:35
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: 2001 Spacesuit Helmet Repair!
Even years after Adam has "completed" a cosplay or worn it at a convention, he from time to time returns to his costumes to further upgrade or refurbish them with new materials or updated reference.
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9 days 25:03
Adam Savage's Guide to Drill Bits!
For 50% off your first month of any subscription crate from KiwiCo (available in 40 countries!) go to kiwico.com/tested Adam dives and drives deep into the world of drill bits, giving us
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10 days 14:19
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10 days 9:04
Adam Savage's Lifecasts Collection!
Watch this episode in VR with Oculus TV: oculus.com/experiences/media/1230576020695620 Adam brings out his collection of lifecasts (of himself!) that have been used over the years for
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12 days 12:58
Ask Adam Savage: "How I Broke My Neck"
Tested member Rich L asked, "When you told the story about the sign you 'retrieved' from the closed gymnasium, you mentioned falling off the water tower and breaking your neck.
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13 days 11:22
3D Printing Hagglethorn Hollow Tabletop Miniatures!
Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter Campaign: kickstarter.com/projects/printablescenery/hagglethorn-hollow-stl-files Adam's previous interview with Johnny Fraser-Allen
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14 days 10:51
Adam Savage and Fon Davis Discuss Working on Matrix
During their tenure at ILM, Adam and Fon Davis worked as model supervisors on the Matrix sequels. What was that like?
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14 days 1:01:28
A Coupon Day or Something - This is Only a Test 608 - 7/15/21
Kishore gives a health update, Jeremy prepares for a trip to Disneyland, and Norm has opinions about the new look of broadcast sports.
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15 days 39:42
Adam Savage's One Day Build: Acrylic Display Box!
As seen in his trip to the barbershop for his MacReady cosplay beard, Adam has built a custom clear acrylic box for his latest obsession with fake beards, which serves as both a transport vessel and
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16 days 12:38
Adam Savage's One Day Beard!
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to keeps.com/tested to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.
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17 days 13:52
Adam Savage Unboxes The Mandalorian Collectibles!
Adam Savage unboxes and takes a look at two statues from The Mandalorian, courtesy of Gentle Giant.
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18 days 12:18
Ask Adam Savage: "Which Star Wars Scenes Bring You Joy?"
In this excerpt from his Star Wars Day live stream, Adam answers questions from Tested members D Quartermane, Vickie Bligh, Charles White and Jason Cutrone about his favorite Star Wars scenes and
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20 days 23:04
Making a Custom Lightsaber Display!
We are completely smitten by the technology the Star Wars fan community have designed and incorporated into lightsaber prop replicas, which blow away the toys we had growing up.
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21 day 53:30
Stay In Your Lane, Car - This is Only a Test 607 - 7/8/21
Kishore's back from vacation to give us some context about what's going on with the Delta variant, and we share our spoiler-free thoughts on the latest episode of Loki, Nintendo's surprising Switch
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21 day 11:38
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22 days 23:54
Adam Savage Makes a Papercraft Animal Mask!
Adam assembles a papercraft rhinoceros mask he recently found on Etsy--featuring a tiny top hat and pipe!
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23 days 18:02
How to Make Alcohol Inks from Old Markers!
Kayte demonstrates a quick and easy way to repurpose old markers and turn their excess ink into bottles of alcohol inks to used in a variety of paint and dye projects!
40 395
24 days 23:55
Adam Savage Inspects a $500 Suit of Armor!
In Adam's ongoing obsession with historical armor, he checks out what a $500 suit of armor purchased on Etsy looks like and how its build quality compares with the armor he's made for himself.
82 459
27 days 16:29
Show and Tell: Adam Savage's 2001: A Space Odyssey Space Suit!
Friend of Tested aerospace enthusiast and engineer Andrew Barth visits Adam in the cave, which gives Adam the chance to show and share his 2001: A Space Odyssey space suit he made for Comic-Con 2015!
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28 days 12:51
Adam Savage and Fon Davis Talk About Working on Star Wars!
Adam sits down with his friend and former colleague Fon Davis of Fonco to reminisce about working on special effects for the Star Wars prequels, with all its moments of triumph, tedium and terror.
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