58 min 41:26
Making an EVA Foam Wig for Cosplay and Halloween!
For Halloween this year, Jen Schachter takes on the ambitious project of making a larger-than-life foam wig and costume in the style of Marie Antoinette.
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7 hours 1:41:49
How Long is a Quibi - This is Only a Test 572 - 10/22/20
Will sits in the third chair this week to talk about his recent hunt for a future-proof TV, testing the GeForce 3080 graphics card, and the benefits of gaming on 360Hz monitors.
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1 day 34:13
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hellboy's Samaritan Prop, Part 3!
As Adam nears the finish for his build of his scratch-built Hellboy Samaritan prop replica, he turns to the finer details of the grip and the bronze hammer.
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2 days 5:52
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Safety Wire Pliers
Wire Twist Pliers: amzn.to/2Ff0uRm Adam loves discovering new tools by watching other craftspeople at work, even if there aren't immediate projects or tasks in need of that tool.
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2 days 3:39
Ask Adam: Best Pen for Writing Labels
In this Ask Adam, Adam answers Tested Patron Eric Weigle, who asks: "I frequently find myself needing to write labels on rocks of various sorts, sometimes very small rocks.
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3 days 21:16
Age of Mecha: Awesome 1/35th Scale Mech Figures!
Find the Age of Mecha Kickstarter here: kickstarter.com/projects/aom/teccotoys-age-of-mechatm-action-figures-and-vehicles Industria Mechanika resin kits here
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4 days 4:47
Ask Adam: How to Find Garage Kits
In this Ask Adam, Adam answers Tested Patron Jack Builds' question: "I was wondering how you find garage kits, I found some like the Cosmonaut.
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5 days 26:24
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Giant Swiss Army Knife Repair!
Many viewers have asked about the giant Swiss Army Knife replica that lives above the lathe in Adam's shop, and Adam takes this display down to the workbench to show you exactly what it is and how
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6 days 8:10
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Folding Rulers!
One of the best places to find beautiful vintage tools is at antique malls, and Adam shares some of his favorite tools he's picked up from his travels.
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6 days 4:56
Ask Adam: Destigmatizing Hearing Loss
Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, such as asking Adam a question: youtube.com/channel/UCiDJtJKMICpb9B1qf7qjEOA/join As many of you know, Adam wears a hearing
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7 days 18:35
Augmented Reality Telepresence in HoloLens 2 and Quest 2!
As more people start using VR and AR headsets, we're curious about the ways the two technologies can work together in social applications.
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7 days 1:16:46
Merry Questmas - This is Only a Test 571 - 10/15/20
What a week for gear! Jeremy and Norm get on Zoom right after Apple's iPhone 12 keynote event to break down the new lineup of iPhones for this year and the tech introduced alongside them.
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8 days 52:25
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hellboy's Samaritan Prop, Part 2!
Adam pushes the limits of his machining skills as he moves onto the next part of his Hellboy Samaritan prop replica build.
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8 days 46:48
Muppet Performer Dave Goelz! - The Adam Savage Project - 10/13/20
We're so thrilled to be joined by Muppet performer and puppet builder Dave Goelz on the show this week to talk about the projects he's taken on during the past six months.
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9 days 4:22
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Angle Finder!
$3 Angle Finder: amzn.to/3i7hreL Solid 4" Machinist Square: amzn.to/311GLLq Steel Staking Block: amzn.to/33XD50J Adam shares a critical woodworking tool that is also a
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10 days 10:23
Adam Savage's New Machining Parallels!
Adam shows off his new set of steel machining parallels! These come courtesy of a fan, Lee Johnson, who machined them over 30 years ago while getting his start in aircraft manufacturing.
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11 days 23:51
Challenge Accepted: Drifting with Zoe Bell, Part 3
It's the next day, and Zoe and Conrad review some aerial footage of a few attempts at drifting a figure eight.
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12 days 1:17:55
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles + Vacuum Former Rebuild!
Adam embarks on a build of the Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles prop, an essential part of his Ghostbusters cosplay.
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13 days 30:58
Battle Royale in VR: Population One Quest 2 Hands-On!
We go hands-on with Population: One, the upcoming virtual reality Battle Royale game made for cross-platform play.
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13 days 1:27:35
Most Underrated Captain - This is Only a Test 570 - 10/8/20
Norm checks in from the road this week as we talk about our first long range trip in months, one week of playing Star Wars Squadrons, Star Trek cast members reuniting, and the impending iPhone
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14 days 7:17
Life-Size Mercury Space Capsule Cockpit Poster!
Adam is so stoked to unveil a fabulous new piece of space history artwork: Lunar Replicas' 1:1 scale recreation of the cockpit command console from the Friendship 7 space capsule!
70 338
15 days 47:41
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hellboy's Samaritan Prop!
Adam's latest long-term project comes to fruition in the form of the Good Samaritan -- Hellboy's iconic sidearm from the films.
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15 days 46:37
99% Invisible - The Adam Savage Project - 10/6/20
How has podcast production changed during the Covid lockdown?
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16 days 8:47
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: iFixit Repair Toolkit!
iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit: amzn.to/2SB4P4p iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit: amzn.to/3jMM8ah iFixit Mako Driver Kit: amzn.to/33uHRlY iFixit Manta Driver Kit
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17 days 18:02
Adam Savage's Cave Loft Tour!
Here are parts of Adam's workshop that most people don't know exist! Adam takes you on a tour of the cave's loft spaces, where he is reorganizing his workshop storage and many projects in progress.
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18 days 15:44
Challenge Accepted: Drifting with Zoe Bell, Part 2
In part 2 of our mini-series with Zoe Bell, professional drift car racer Conrad Grunewald breaks down the mechanics of drifting, and gives Zoe the next set of challenges to achieve a figure eight.
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19 days 28:19
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: LEGO Mandalorian Razor Crest!
Find The Razor Crest LEGO set here: amzn.to/30u5pFQ Adam celebrates his fandom for The Mandalorian with a build of the new LEGO set of The Razor Crest ship from the show!
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20 days 21:09
Panasonic S1H & S5 Full Frame Camera Testing!
After years of being happy with the Panasonic GH5 as his daily camera, Joey makes the move to full-frame video shooting by testing out Panasonic's new Lumix S1H and S5 cameras.
25 544
21 day 23:52
Star Wars: Squadrons VR Gameplay Review!
It's finally here! We review Star Wars: Squadrons and how it plays in VR headsets like the Valve Index and Quest 2.
357 788
21 day 1:11:31
To HOTAS or Not HOTAS - This is Only a Test 569 - 10/1/20
This week, Jeremy and Norm are joined by former colleague Dan Stapleton, the Executive Editor of Reviews at IGN.
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