1 day 11:11
2000HP Billet 2JZ - BADDEST Streetable Supra on the Planet! (0-60MPH in 1 Second)
On this episode we feature the baddest 100% streetable Toyota on the planet... @geo2jz's Real Street Performance built 2000WHP Supra!
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4 days 27:42
1300HP Audi RS3 "Family Sedan" Rolling Antilag Ride-along! (2.5L AWD 0-60MPH in 1.6s)
On this episode we feature the BADDEST Audi RS3's in the country!
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6 days 15:22
3000HP Turbo Street Viper! Air Shifted Sequential + 400 Shot Nitrous (2400lb-ft OF TORQUE)
On this episode we feature some of the baddest street vipers on the planet! Calvo Motorsports brought an army of Vipers to TX2K21 with the most wild setup making over 3000WHP!
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8 days 12:55
AWD B-Series Turbo Acura Integra SLEEPER "The PERFECT DA9 Build" (Non-VTEC 9 Second 1/4 Mile!)
Calling all Honda fans, this is a special one! On todays episode we feature Huy's (Inline Racing) 1991 AWD B-Series Turbo Acura Integra (DA9).
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10 days 19:33
2500Hp Gtr Dominates Texas! Roll Race Champions (Almost Wrecks At 225Mph - Heroic Save!)
On this episode we feature some of the BADDEST GTR's on the planet, T1 Race Development came out swinging at TX2K21!
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12 days 13:08
750HP R32 GTR Ridealong on Aussie Streets! (Australian Built 2.6L RB26 + R34 GTR 6 Speed Swap)
TRC in Australia! This is the first of many features coming from "down under", we've teamed up with our good friend Cardo_GTR to bring you some of the baddest GTR's around.
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14 days 21:17
Baddest Lambo on the Planet! 2000HP Drag Huracan Breaks 1/4 Mile Record (Pulls AWD Wheelie)
On this episode we're back with Jordan Martin's AMS Performance built Drag Lamborghini.
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16 days 14:37
900Hp Stock Engine C8 Corvette On Boost Is Amazing! (Twin Turbo V8 Screams!)
On this episode we feature Nathan Cicio's Twin Turbo C8 Corvette!
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19 days 15:18
1800Hp Supra Pulls Insane Wheelie! (Full Street Car Blasts 191Mph In 7 Seconds)
TX2K brings out the baddest street cars around, this year was no exception!
72 298
21 day 46:03
1000+HP 4 Rotor RX7 is MENTAL! “STREET LEGAL Mazda 787B” Highway Pulls (Sounds Like F1 Car!)
During TX2K21 we had the pleasure of meeting up with David Mazzei (Mazzei Formula) and his insane turbo 4 Rotor RX-7!
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30 days 12:08
Shelby GT500 Go Kart?! (The CRAZIEST “GT500” We’ve Ever Seen!)
Shelby GT500 Go Kart?! (The CRAZIEST “GT500” We’ve Ever Seen!)
136 024
34 days 21:00
1200HP Manual Porsche IS A DREAM! - 911 Turbo AWD (200MPH Daily on STOCK Transmission!)
Usually when we feature Geo from Real Street Performance he’s piloting a 6 second 2000HP 2JZ Supra.
159 411
37 days 14:56
2600HP Turbo Viper UNDEFEATED ON THE STREET! 9L Stroker + Sequential (2000lb-ft OF TORQUE!)
On this episode we feature Ryan's 2600WHP Sequential Twin Turbo Dodge Viper!
2 177 985
39 days 9:27
1800Hp Red Demon Returns - Building The Craziest Dsm Ever! (Manual Awd 4G63 On 80Psi)
The Red Demon is BACK! On this episode we feature the debut of Red Demon V2, in late 2019 Red Demon V1 was retired following an accident while testing at Bradenton Motorsports Park...
195 567
41 day 11:52
1250+HP TRC Supra RETURNS! 50+PSI 2JZ 6-Speed Highway Pulls (Legendary Street Supra)
| NEW TRC MERCH DROP thatracingchannel.com | The Original TRC Supra is back for an update episode!
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43 days 15:32
900HP 4 Door Turbo AWD Honda "The Ultimate Sleeper" V8 KILLER with a FULL SOUND SYSTEM!
| NEW TRC MERCH DROP thatracingchannel.com | On this episode we feature Jason's Ultimate Sleeper 900WHP Turbo AWD 4 door Honda Civic!
429 745
46 days 16:17
Baddest R32 GTR in the USA?! 1000+HP Street Pulls and Dyno (PPG Sequential is INSANE!)
Will the TRC R32 GTR hold its own against our previous builds like the TRC Supra and 2JZ 240sx? We think so!!
162 591
48 days 19:11
750HP BMW 335i on STOCK MOTOR GAPS Domestics on the Street! (Stick Shift + Single Turbo)
On this episode we feature Bryan's 2008 BMW 335i on the streets of Colorado, this car is all sorts of badass! 750HP on Stock engine + stick shift slamming gears = 100% TRC approved!
244 940
53 days 19:28
R33 GTR 2.8L Stroker "The Modern HKS Race Car" + 100% USA Legal R34 GTR ($50,000 RB Engine)
On this episode we feature Jordan's dreamy collection of iconic cars, one of them being the original HKS development R33 GTR T-002 that went through a full nut/bolt restoration, fitted with the
101 593
55 days 35:28
600HP Honda Powered Smart Car "KaterTot" GAPS EVERYONE + INTENSE Street Pulls! (2000LB Turbo K-SWAP)
On this WILD episode we feature the infamous "KaterTot", a 600WHP Turbo Honda K-series swapped Smart Car!
272 750
60 days 14:17
1400HP Jeep Trackhawk - The World's FIRST TWIN TURBO TRACKHAWK! ("Big Hawk" Breaks the MPH Record)
This time on TRC we feature the world's first twin turbo Jeep Trackhawk! This AWD pavement slayer is putting down 1400WHP running a 411ci stroker on twin 64MM turbos...
465 507
62 days 19:30
1150HP AWD B-series “The Hulk” Honda Civic + Sleeper 2JZ Swap Cressida | 2JZ IS300 | 700HP S2000!
This time at the TRC invitational we feature The Hulk 2.0 AWD B-series Honda Civic, AG Autosports 850awhp Evo IX, manual and auto turbo 2JZ IS300's, 1000+HP turbo Camaro, 700HP Stock Motor S2000
201 397
67 days 17:43
Street Legal 4WD Turbo SXS on Slicks GAPS RX7 on the Street! (0-60MPH in 3.0s)
This time on TRC we feature Hunter from SXS USA and his WILD street legal 2020 Can Am X3 Turbo SXS. It weighs under 1800LBS and is an absolute rocket on the street doing 0-60mph in just 3.0s!
397 800
70 days 11:37
650HP AWD Civic CRAZY FAST Acceleration on the Street! (Low 9s 1/4 Mile Honda on Street Tires )
On this episode we feature Jeury's 1992 Turbo AWD Honda Civic SI, this car is an absolute rocket on the street and track! Running bottom 9's on high boost in street trim and high 9's on 16psi.
98 554
74 days 16:12
600HP Skyline R32 GTR HKS RB26 - Perfectly Balanced Japan Built Godzilla
On this episode we feature Rocky's 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, he takes us for a ride and gives us a full breakdown on the build.
40 526
76 days 11:19
900WHP Monte Carlo STREET PULLS "Twin Turbo Tire Slayer” (Self Built Monster G-Body!)
900WHP Monte Carlo STREET PULLS "Twin Turbo Tire Slayer” (Self Built Monster G-Body!)
94 353
80 days 20:26
1300HP Audi RS3 - Fastest RS3 on the Planet! (0-60MPH in 1.5s!)
On this episode we feature the quickest and fastest Audi RS3 in the world! The infamous IROZ RS3 driven by Hank Iroz that battled Ken Block's Hoonicorn Mustang last year.
176 067
83 days 9:22
950HP Subaru WRX SENDS IT with All Four Wheels in the Air! (40PSI on Stock Trans!)
On this episode we're back with Don from Machines Gone Wild featuring their 950HP Subaru WRX powered by Manley Performance engine internals!
96 044
88 days 14:44
Sleeper 800HP Galant VR4 - Turbo AWD 4G63! ($1200 “Junk” Car Transformed Into a BEAST!)
On this episode we feature Jesser's 1991 limited edition Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (#1117 of 2000 produced). This AWD 4G63 powered sleeper is pushing 800+WHP on 40PSI of boost!
109 183
93 days 15:41
R32 GTR 3.2L Stroker 4" Straight Pipe Mod Sounds Insane + NEW 1400HP R34 GTR Project!
On this episode of the TRC R32 GTR build series we modify our exhaust with a 4" aluminum straight pipe... it's so loud and so good!
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