18 hours 14:44
Sleeper 800HP Galant VR4 - Turbo AWD 4G63! ($1200 “Junk” Car Transformed Into a BEAST!)
On this episode we feature Jesser's 1991 limited edition Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (#1117 of 2000 produced). This AWD 4G63 powered sleeper is pushing 800+WHP on 40PSI of boost!
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2 days 3:10
INSANE 4 Rotor - 1200HP Turbo Jetski - 700HP Street Bike + More! (Our Craziest Year of Filming Ever)
TRC fans we can't thank you enough for your amazing support in 2020! It was a tough year, we hope our content was able to bring even a little bit of happiness to your days!
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5 days 15:41
R32 GTR 3.2L Stroker 4" Straight Pipe Mod Sounds Insane + NEW 1400HP R34 GTR Project!
On this episode of the TRC R32 GTR build series we modify our exhaust with a 4" aluminum straight pipe... it's so loud and so good!
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7 days 12:04
1800HP 2JZ FRS Pulls INSANE Wheelie! (Craziest Scion FRS Ever?!)
On this episode we feature Brady's absolutely next level Scion FR-S, powered by a billet 2JZ engine pushing 1800WHP on 60+PSI of boost!
114 242
9 days 8:45
Fastest Galant VR-4 on the Planet! 1000HP 4G63 SCREAMS 10,000RPM (46PSI OF BOOST)
On this episode we feature the worlds quickest and fastest Galant VR-4! Mike Gombos smashes into the 8's setting his personal best and securing the 1/4 mile world record.
49 562
12 days 12:29
Skyline R32 GTR "Godzilla" Street Pulls With More Power + Clutchless Shift (Suspension Issues?)
On this episode of the TRC R32 GTR build series we go out to make some hits testing brake boosting the R32 and it RIPS!
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15 days 15:51
FASTEST Manual Car Ever! 2100HP Supra Pulls INSANE WHEELIE (0-60MPH in 1 Second!)
On this episode we're back with one our favorite cars on the planet, Grannas Racing's 2100HP Toyota Supra. This car screams badass drivermod all over it...
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18 days 8:42
Sleeper 700HP Turbo Honda "V8 Killer" GAPS Mustang! (LS VTEC B-Series Civic)
On this episode we feature Rudy's 1992 Turbo Honda Civic hatchback. It's a true sleeper build making over 700WHP but looks almost stock to the untrained eye!
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20 days 10:42
Fastest Mr2 Ever! 1200Hp Turbo Honda Powered Mr2 Crushes Mph Record! (180Mph Street Car)
On this episode we're back with Josh's ridiculously fast Honda K20 powered Toyota MR2!
145 019
23 days 16:27
6Cyl Subaru STI?! 900HP AWD 3.0L Sequential Trans (CRAZY Backroad Launch!)
On this episode we feature two insane Subarus built by Machines Gone Wild! First a factory appearing "Sleeper" STI making 900AWHP on a 2.5L, Super 99 72mm turbo and sequential trans.
677 312
25 days 11:40
Fastest MKV Supra EVER! 950HP A90 Supra Sets WORLD RECORD (His Girlfriend Beat the MPH Record!)
On this episode we feature the quickest and fastest 2020 Toyota Supra on the planet.
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28 days 13:18
2600HP 2JZ on 95PSI of BOOST + 11,000RPM! (226MPH in 6 SECONDS)
2600HP 2JZ on 95PSI of BOOST + 11,000RPM! (226MPH in 6 SECONDS)
134 296
30 days 12:20
900HP Evo X on 44PSI - Rowdy AWD Street Launch (Low Key Street MONSTER!)
On this episode we're back at Moore Automotive featuring a NASTY 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X in full street trim! This Evo is clean, looks mean, and makes the power to back it up.
115 181
32 days 19:47
1100HP Supra Catastrophic Failure In-Depth Engine Teardown (What is the Limit of the Stock 2JZ?)
What is the limit of the factory internals in the legendary 2JZ engine?
69 199
35 days 18:24
1100HP Honda Powered MR2 "Street Killer" on 48PSI + 10K RPM! (2200LB Widebody Turbo K20)
On this episode we feature Josh's insanely fast Honda powered Toyota MR2. This is without a doubt one of the fastest street MR2's we've ever seen and experienced!
173 577
37 days 17:36
Mazda RX7 GAPS Supercar on the Street! Turbo Rotary "V10 Killer" (WANKEL POWER!)
BRAP BRAP! On this episode we feature Zak's 1993 Rotary Powered Mazda RX-7!
386 888
41 day 15:06
Turbo Stick Shift Burnout Machine Shreds Tires Without a Driver! (Coyote Swap Truck)
On this episode we feature the ridiculously awesome Turbo Coyote Swapped 1963 Ford F100 aka "Taylor Swift"(It's a long story lol!).
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45 days 11:45
489 174
48 days 16:14
809HP AWD Sleeper - FASTEST Mazda Speed 6 EVER! (The Most Underrated Car Platform?!)
On todays episode we highlight Abdul's 800WHP AWD Mazda Speed 6, this car might just be one of the most sleeper and underrated platforms we've seen!
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51 day 22:35
Skyline R32 Gtr 3.2L Stroker First Full Pulls! Awd Rb30 Sequential (Boost Hits Hard!)
On this episode of the TRC R32 GTR build series we take a night cruise to make full pulls for the first time!
129 398
53 days 27:33
4 Rotor Rx7 Screams 11,000Rpm "Street Legal Mazda 787B" (Craziest Sounding Car We've Ever Filmed!)
On this very special episode we feature the craziest sounding car we've ever filmed!
1 438 786
56 days 11:27
1000HP ZR1 "Galvatron" GAPS Exotics in Street Race (Ninja ZX10R Surprises ZR1!)
On this episode we feature Ala's 1000HP Corvette ZR1 aka Galvatron, we give you a full breakdown of this wild street car build and put it up to the test against some fast exotics and a motorcycle
88 815
59 days 11:10
Fastest Street Bike Ever! 750Hp Turbo Gsxr Goes 233Mph In 6 Seconds (Wheelies Across Finish Line!)
On this episode we feature the quickest and fastest street bike on the planet!
490 802
63 days 13:19
1150HP Jeep Trackhawk "The Nitrous Tank" BRUTAL AWD LAUNCH! (0-60MPH 2.3s)
On this episode we feature Kevin's 2018 Jeep Trackhawk "The Nitrous Tank".
470 561
67 days 10:09
Skyline R32 GTR 3.2L Stroker First Test Drive! (AWD RB30 + PPG Sequential Trans)
On this episode of the TRC R32 GTR build series we drive the car for the first time in 2 years!
166 017
69 days 11:29
900HP Honda Powered Mini Cooper! (1500LB Mid-Engine Turbo K-SWAP)
There was no shortage of wildly unique cars at the Hail Mary Derby, on this episode we feature Chris' 1965 Mini Cooper powered by a Honda K20!
113 191
72 days 11:19
1800Hp Lambo Pulls Insane Awd Wheelie! (Craziest Drag Lambo We've Ever Filmed)
On this episode we feature the most insane drag Lamborghini we've had the pleasure of filming!
1 787 972
79 days 17:00
2400Hp Street Gtr Pulls 60-130Mph In 2.3S! "The Perfect Street Car" (Mental Acceleration)
On this episode we feature Cicio Performance's ridiculously fast, yet fully streetable 2400HP Nissan GTR.
108 595
81 day 32:50
145 234
84 days 8:15
1400HP AWD 4G63 on 80PSI of Boost! + 1400HP Frustrate AWD Honda "GTR Slayer" (BIG BOOST IMPORTS)
FL2K20 was an absolute blast, some of the fastest cars from around the country came to compete!
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