5 days 14:28
V6 Turbo Civic Hatch?! - 3.2L Honda J32 Swap (PFI Speed Built)
V6 Turbo Civic Hatch?! - 3.2L Honda J32 Swap (PFI Speed Built)
75 367
10 days 11:18
Tiny Car Huge Turbo V8 - It's Scary Fast! (2000Lb British Family Sedan From Hell)
On this episode we feature Craig's 1959 Anglia (Prefect), a 4 door British family sedan that originally produced 36HP from the factory.
56 790
14 days 13:43
2200HP GTR Launch on BACKROAD! Terrifying Ride-Along (Low 7 Second GTR on the Street)
2200HP on a dirt backroad? sure why not! On this episode we feature an absolutely mental Nissan GTR that produces north of 2200AWHP, of course the first thing we did was take it out for some hits.
73 665
18 days 13:55
1000HP Evo X - Sequential Trans + 55PSI + 10,000RPM (6 Year Build Transformation)
1000+HP Evo X with a Sequential Trans, 76mm Turbo and MoTec! If you're an OG TRC fan you'll know this car well, Gordon's Evo X has been featured many times on the channel over the past 6+ years.
114 516
21 day 14:47
2JZ 4Runner?! 1000HP Supra SUV (Fastest Toyota 4Runner on the Planet!)
On this episode we feature Dodger's 1992 Toyota 4Runner that currently holds the title for quickest and fastest 4Runner in the world!
98 553
25 days 21:15
$140,000 USA Legal Skylines?! (RARE JDM Ride-Along)
On this episode we're back with Trap Team, we tour their beautiful collection of Nissan Skylines.
206 700
30 days 21:15
800HP BMW E30 Widebody Highway Pulls! - S52 Turbo Inline 6 ('90s DTM M3 Inspired Street Car)
On this episode we have a special treat for the BMW gearheads! We feature Mush's 1991 BMW E30 and it might just be one of the cleanest E30's we've ever seen.
44 637
34 days 16:42
900+HP Honda S2000 with a Powerglide?! (F20C on 50PSI + 10,500RPM)
On this episode we feature Josh's Honda S2000 (IG: onebadS2K), powered by a Built Honda F20C engine spinning over 10,000rpm and a 72mm turbo pushing 50PSI.
80 791
36 days 43:45
Chuck's New 4000HP No Prep Kings Build - Street Outlaw Garage Tour (Honda, Domestics, and Boat!)
On this episode we head over to Chuck Seitsinger’s garage to get the latest on his new 4000+HP NPK build!
369 475
40 days 14:05
1300HP 2JZ RZR (SXS Drag Racing) + Turbo 8CYL Polaris "Vette RZR" Street Ridealong
A fully Street Legal Twin Turbo 8 Cylinder Polaris SXS?! Sign us up! On this episode we're back with the guys from SXS blog, attending the first ever SXS drag racing event held at a drag strip.
57 866
47 days 25:59
331MPH with a Real Street 2JZ?! - FASTEST 2JZ Ever Recorded (Mind-Blowing Speed)
300+MPH with a 2JZ?! Jay Meagher from Real Street Performance is back at the Bonneville salt flats, but this time he strapped the RS1600 2JZ engine in Brad Bosworth's "Valley Fever" streamliner.
144 645
49 days 16:55
900+HP 3 Rotor RX7 with DCT Trans?! (83MM Turbo + 9,000RPM EARGASM)
Turbo 3 Rotor RX7 with a DCT?! Normally we're all about 90's legends retaining manual transmissions, but this setup is glorious!
261 828
52 days 27:45
1300HP GTR Powered Altima?! Gridlife Colorado - Cleetus, Larry Chen, Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerck
On this episode we attend Gridlife Colorado and get to hang with some of the baddest drivers in the game! Drivers include Cleetus Mcfarland, Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerck, and Larry Chen.
36 451
56 days 12:56
200MPH Street Racing - 1800HP GTR’s - ZX10R - Hellcat Swap Dakota - AWD Trailblazer - 1600HP Lambo
Midwest Street Racing including 2000HP GTR built by The Shop Houston, Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R with bolt ons and ~100lb weight reduction - Stick Shift Hellcat swapped Dakota truck - Supercharged AWD
153 730
61 day 22:18
1100+HP R32 GTR - 40PSI Pull Feels INSANE! (But We Have a Problem)
After our first dyno session we made a bunch of modifications to prepare for our first 1/4 mile passes.
67 182
63 days 12:55
1200HP S14 240sx ANNIHILATES Tires and STILL GAPS Modified 2020 GT500! (Street Race)
1200HP Kouki 240 ANNIHILATES Tires and STILL GAPS Modified 2020 GT500!
72 083
66 days 21:53
1300HP BMW E46 M3 - GIANT TURBO S54 Gettin' ROWDY! + Air Shifted Sequential Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
On this episode we feature one of the craziest street BMW M3's we've ever seen! Stanley's S54 Powered M3 has a turbo so big that it won't fit under the hood and it is a wild ride!
398 272
70 days 15:28
The Cleanest 800HP R32 GTR in Australia! + 1200HP Manual R34 vs 1000HP R32 GTR
TRC in Australia! This is the second of many features coming from "down under", we've teamed up with our good friend Cardo_GTR to bring you some of the baddest GTR's around.
246 758
73 days 16:34
1600HP Turbo Performante DOMINATES "Mexico" Streets + Brutal Ride-along (He Sold the 2600HP Viper!)
On this episode we're back with Ryan, we previously featured with his 2600HP turbo Dodge Viper that was absolutely insane.
151 185
76 days 15:27
2000HP Coyote Beats EVERYONE - WINS $10,500! (BADDEST Street Driven Mustang on the Planet?)
on this episode we feature Brett's Twin Turbo 5.0L Coyote Mustang that makes roughly 2000WHP, the best part is it can be 100% street driven too!
168 118
80 days 13:31
800HP Street-Legal Turbo Go-Kart?! 2300LB Weapon Hand Built From Scratch (ROWDY Highway Pulls)
On this episode we feature one of the most unique self built street-legal vehicles we’ve seen!
147 012
87 days 11:43
1200HP Barra Powered Foxbody in the USA! “American” 2JZ (4.0L Turbo Inline-6)
On this episode we feature Charles' super clean Ford Barra Swapped Foxbody Mustang. We visited Michigan's street scene and found this absolute GEM!
193 340
90 days 15:05
First Ever Procharged Porsche GT3 RS SCREAMS to 9,000RPM! (BEST SOUNDING Porsche EVER?!)
On this episode we feature Tommy's Porsche 911 GT3 RS that has been fitted with a Procharger P1-X.The GT3 RS comes with a Naturally aspirated 4.0L flat six that revs to 9,000 RPM from the factory
354 333
93 days 20:13
1020HP Tesla Plaid vs FASTEST RC Car We've Seen! (Unreal Acceleration) + Car Guys React to Plaid
On this episode we feature latest street legal spaceship by Tesla, the Model S Plaid!
219 967
98 days 33:18
Murder Nova’s 1000HP “Man Van” Street Races 55 Chevy on Original Street Outlaws Road!
On this episode we're back with Shawn (aka Murder Nova), this time we take out his 416ci F1X Procharged 55 Chevy and 'The Man Van" for some street action!
92 994
105 days 14:33
18 Year Old Drives 3200HP Viper on the Street! “The 6 Second Kid” (542ci V10 with 88MM Turbos)
On this episode we visit Milan and Sal Patel to catch up on their 3200WHP Dodge Viper.
320 822
107 days 28:10
2000HP Supra SCREAMS to 10,000RPM on the STREET! (The End of an Era)
On this episode we visit Real Street Performance HQ to catch up with Geo and Jay.
342 892
112 days 31:05
1300HP 2JZ Polaris RZR?! FASTEST RZR EVER Hits the Streets! 0-60MPH in 1.7s (Build Breakdown)
On this episode the TRC team visits the SXS Blog HQ for a full build breakdown on the infamous 1300HP 2JZ swapped Polaris RZR!
165 788
115 days 12:35
2400HP GTR 230MPH Ride-Along pulls 3G’s + 500HP Turbo Hayabusa (Mind Blowing Acceleration!)
Cicio Performance GTR's never disappoint, this 2400HP GTR took Charles for the ride of his life!
185 379
121 day 14:13
1200HP BMW E36 Kart STUNS Everyone! Street Pulls 4-Deep (Inspired by Cleetus' Leroy)
On this episode we feature one of the craziest builds we've seen in awhile, "Klaus the Barbarian" built by Hidden Motorsports(originally inspired by Cleetus' Leroy Corvette).
151 954
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