6 days 16:39
Inside America's last whites-only church
In rural Minnesota, a fringe Heathen group known as the Asatru Folk Assembly has purchased a local church – and membership is strictly whites-only.
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6 days 3:05
Obsessive, illuminating, high-stakes: why investigative journalism matters
An ensemble cast of Guardian reporters and editors reflect on why investigative journalism is so important for a healthy democracy and what it feels like, on a more personal level, to be going up
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11 days 5:13
How UK housing segregates residents
New residential developments in the UK are often segregating people based on those who own their homes and those that live in social housing.
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13 days 4:57
The London bus driver who beat the bailiffs to stay in Lewisham
When bus driver and single father of two Anthony Brathwaite was told he and his two children were no longer eligible for council housing in Lewisham, and was offered a property he could not afford
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26 days 23:30
Saintmaking: the 90s 'nuns' who made a gay, HIV positive icon a saint
This year marks the 30th anniversary of film-maker Derek Jarman’s canonisation by an activist group of gay male 'nuns' known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
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31 day 27:14
Driving Ms Margolyes: Miriam Margolyes' road trip through Europe in lockdown
At the height of Europe’s spring Covid wave in 2021, the filmmaker Lucy Darwin offered to drive the actor and national treasure Miriam Margolyes from her home in Italy to London so that she could
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32 days 4:52
How Japan is dumping 1m tonnes of radioactive water in the ocean
Since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, more than 1m tonnes of radioactive water has been building up at the power plant in central Japan.
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38 days 8:21
Muslim Americans on life after 9/11: 'The toll has been huge'
In the years that followed the terrorist attacks, Muslim Americans faced intense suspicion and discrimination.
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40 days 10:18
China's feminist Nomadland: The grandma who left an abusive husband for the open road
56-year-old Su Min decided to leave her abusive relationship and embark on an open-ended solo road trip.
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53 days 5:09
How megaships cause mega problems
When the Ever Given became stuck in the Suez canal in March 2021, people woke up to the sheer size of these megaships.
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55 days 9:51
'Filthy Pride': Marching for LGBTQ+ rights in Orbán's Hungary
Patrik and Zsolt are activists and YouTubers representing LGBTQ+ people in Hungary, where a new 'anti-paedophile' law means it is illegal to educate about or to promote LGBTQ+ issues to under-18s.
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58 days 6:03
How racist propaganda inspired riots in America's biggest cities
In 1915 the president, Woodrow Wilson, screened the movie Birth of a Nation at the White House – a film that depicts Black men as brutal people who desire white women.
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62 days 7:11
'My animals burned alive' in Greece's wildfires
Shepherd Giannis Tsiboukas, 36, confronts  the ‘total destruction’ caused after a wildfire ravaged his land on the island of Evia in Greece.
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66 days 10:59
East London gang violence: The street gym in the heart of Newham’s ‘war zone’
Raheel Butt is building The Compound street gym in Newham, east London, an area he calls a “war zone”.
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67 days 20:10
RIP SENI: the graffiti confronting the UK mental health crisis
One morning in June 2020, graffiti reading RIP SENI appeared emblazoned across a public artwork outside the Bethlem royal hospital, a psychiatric hospital in south London.
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81 day 13:37
This body: the Covid vaccine trialist fighting medical mistrust in Black America
This Body explores the relationship between Black Americans and the medical industry.
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84 days 5:49
The last king of Eswatini? Reporting on protests in Africa's last absolute monarchy
Cebelihle Mbuyisa is a freelance journalist who was beaten for covering pro-democracy protests in the kingdom of Eswatini.
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91 day 4:17
Edward Snowden on spyware: 'This is an industry that should not exist'
The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reacts to the Pegasus project disclosures about widespread abuse of NSO Group's spyware by governments around the world Subscribe to The Guardian on YouTube ►
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91 day 4:55
Pegasus: the spyware technology that threatens democracy
Pegasus spyware is capable of bypassing your phone's security and gaining complete access to your device - including emails, messages, GPS location, photos, video, and your phone's microphone.
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101 day 6:42
Omaha riot: how a white mob lynched a Black man and destroyed a city – 360 video
In 1919, a white mob stormed into an Omaha courthouse looking for a Black man named Will Brown whom they believed raped a white woman two days earlier.
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104 days 16:52
The Return to the Amazon: escaping Ecuador's Covid outbreak
While millions of people around the world have gone into lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis, a family in the Ecuadorian Amazon has opted to move deeper into the relative safety of the jungle.
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107 days 4:45
How algorithms are cutting Americans' healthcare
US states are using algorithms to figure out whether people are eligible for public benefits and how much care they should receive. But it isn't without its problems.
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107 days 8:43
The Brazilian protest leader determined to bring Bolsonaro’s ‘genocidal’ government down
The Guardian follows Guilherme Boulos, who ran against Bolsonaro in the last elections, as he leads thousands through the streets of São Paulo, calling for the country’s president to be impeached.
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109 days 16:14
No water, no life: running out of water on the California-Oregon border
Paul Crawford’s crops are dying. Salmon sacred to Frankie Myers’ Native American tribe are slipping away.
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111 days 9:05
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115 days 9:47
Anywhere but Westminster: 10 years in 10 minutes
After a decade of reports from all over the UK, the Guardian's flagship video series has won this year's Orwell prize for political journalism.
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118 days 1:33
How you shape independent journalism: a message from the Guardian's editor
In the face of current seismic political shocks, rapidly changing climate and an enduring pandemic, the Guardian’s independent journalism feels more vital now than ever.
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122 days 5:15
Elaine Massacre: how a Black labor movement was met with a violent white mob – 360 video
In 1919 in Elaine, Arkansas, white mobs and federal troops killed hundreds of Black residents – and America has tried to forget the story.
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130 days 8:52
One Gaza street, 43 deaths: ‘The real war is the aftermath'
Omar Abu al-Ouf lost his parents, grandparents and two siblings when his building was hit in Israeli airstrikes on a street where 43 people were killed.
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139 days 21:07
Eve: the off-grid life of a nine-year-old climate activist
Eve is the intimate story of a nine-year-old girl living in Tinkers Bubble, one of the oldest off-grid communities in the UK.
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