5 days 8:03
'We are the most homophobic country in the EU': Poland’s election and the LGBT fightback
Andrzej Duda, running for re-election as president of Poland, has included strong verbal attacks on the country's LGBT community in his campaign.
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7 days 6:58
Being childfree by choice: five women on why they decided not to have kids
As part of the Guardian's Childfree series, five women discuss why having children isn't for them – and how others perceive them as a result. 'There's no wrong way to be a woman,' says Sabrina, 25.
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13 days 7:23
An English school reopens after coronavirus lockdown: ‘Our generation’s world war’
Aston University Engineering Academy, a secondary school and sixth form in central Birmingham, has had to overcome myriad issues simply to safely open its doors to vastly reduced numbers of students.
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21 day 6:37
Coronavirus in care homes: life after a Covid-19 outbreak
In April, St Ronans care home in Southsea, Portsmouth, tested positive for coronavirus. Without readily available testing, staff think Covid-19 infected about 25 of their residents.
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21 day 6:54
What does it mean to defund the police?
The Black Lives Matter protests in the US, which escalated in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, have brought the little-known but decades-old campaign to abolish US police into
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21 day 15:52
Life in lockdown: coronavirus, BLM and inequality in east London | Anywhere but Westminster
As people finally emerge into a changed reality, the Anywhere But Westminster team focuses on East London, where Covid-19 has fused with the Black Lives Matter moment and huge injustices are now
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24 days 6:10
‘I'm very aware I’m mixed race here’: organising a rural UK Black Lives Matter protest
Small towns, as well as big cities, across the UK have been holding Black Lives Matter protests and continue to do so.
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29 days 7:14
‘You can’t furlough an otter’: how coronavirus devastated a family-run zoo
Andy Cowell runs the Fenn Bell Conservation Project in Medway, Kent.
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31 day 5:04
Grenfell survivors three years on: 'It fits at the heart of Black Lives Matter'
With the three-year anniversary of Grenfell happening in the midst of a global pandemic, the community is having to adapt their usual way of marking and remembering what happened on 14 June 2017.
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33 days 7:55
‘Black mothers were already scared’: coronavirus home births
Mekiya, who is African American and works as a social worker, says that women of colour often aren’t listened to by doctors.
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39 days 12:36
Young people look beyond coronavirus lockdown | A New Normal
In this week's episode of A New Normal, the Guardian journalist Iman Amrani speaks to young people about how they are coping with lockdown and the impact it has had on their lives, looking
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39 days 5:20
Inside the George Floyd protests in New York: 'We are not the problem'
The police killing of George Floyd continues to ignite protests across the US.
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40 days 6:49
How cycling could help solve the coronavirus transport crisis
Those who can, should go back to work, Boris Johnson has said. But how will people get to work safely? If we take public transport, will there be enough space to physically distance?
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42 days 15:11
Life in coronavirus lockdown: Fighting the social crisis in Middlesbrough | Anywhere but Westminster
The Anywhere But Westminster team return to the north-east town of Middlesbrough, which has had one of the highest infection rates in the country.
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45 days 7:39
Why US anti-vaxxers will refuse the coronavirus vaccine
In a recent survey, 24% of Americans said they will refuse a coronavirus vaccine.
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'Social distancing isn't practical': Owen Jones meets coronavirus key workers
For some, lockdown has felt like an eternity, but a lot of key workers have continued to go to work through unprecedented circumstances.
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How to run a lower league football club: Tranmere's blueprint for surviving coronavirus
When league football was paused in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Tranmere Rovers chairman, Mark Palios, devised Project Malthus, his plan to keep the League One club alive.
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54 days 7:51
The new normal of coronavirus: learning to love Piers Morgan
What do we want life after lockdown to look like? As part of a new series, A New Normal, Guardian journalist Iman Amrani asks viewers what their hopes are for the future.
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56 days 9:56
Pandemic funerals: inside a mortuary during coronavirus
The funeral industry has had to adapt to new regulations around death care during the pandemic at the same time as dealing with an increase in work.
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60 days 4:53
Fighting a locust plague amid Covid-19 in east Africa
The recent coronavirus pandemic is only exacerbating the problems currently facing herders, also known as pastoralists, in Kenya.
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63 days 11:24
Our Iranian lockdown: how coronavirus changed one couple’s life
A rare glimpse into the lives of a young couple in lockdown in Iran.  Filmed over several weeks in quarantine, Sara and Mohammad Reza attempt to process the devastating loss of a family member to
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67 days 5:55
How Covid-19 contact tracing can help beat the pandemic
If the UK government wants to start easing the country's lockdown restrictions, it needs to get contact tracing right. But what does that mean? What would successful contact tracing even look like?
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67 days 18:58
Life in coronavirus lockdown: How to keep a city alive | Anywhere but Westminster
Six weeks into Britain's Covid-19 crisis, Anywhere but Westminster asks how a city keeps going when everything has ground to a halt.
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68 days 6:51
We fear hunger, not coronavirus: Lebanon protesters return
Lebanon’s coronavirus lockdown has sent an economy already in deep trouble into freefall, and many are struggling to survive.
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69 days 7:58
Inside intensive care: how debt-hit Greece beat coronavirus
Despite a decade old financial crisis that decimated its hospitals, Greece appears to have handled the coronavirus pandemic well, with a far lower death toll than many other European nations. Dr.
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70 days 6:49
The coronavirus murals trying to keep Kenya’s slums safe
A street artist called Msale has taken it upon himself to create giant murals bringing public health messages directly to the overcrowded Mathare slum in Nairobi.
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71 day 12:09
Renting during coronavirus: NHS workers and students share their struggles
As lockdown continues, Owen Jones speaks to private renters about how the pandemic has affected them.
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73 days 6:40
Why the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is false
Conspiracy theories linking 5G technology to coronavirus have resulted in dozens of phone masts across the UK being vandalised in recent weeks.
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75 days 8:00
The Tudor hotel sheltering the homeless from Covid-19
When councils were instructed to provide accommodation for their homeless population to protect them from coronavirus, Mike Matthews, owner of the Prince Rupert hotel in Shrewsbury, was one of the
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78 days 19:20
Scars: how our wounds make us who we are
Scars are not just skin-deep: emotional and psychological histories lie beneath the healed wounds.
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