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HGV driver shortage means new recruits can get rich by trucking
CAN you help keep Britain trucking? The Sun has laucnhed a new campaign to recruit tens of thousands of HGV drivers to beat the delivery crisis.
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Covid-19 UK - Doctors say the govt is being 'wilfully negligent' by not moving to Plan B
Coronavirus latest - The government is being "willfully negligent" by refusing to enforce its Plan B strategy for tackling rising COVID infections, doctors have claimed.
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2 hours 3:48
Britain seals £2.5billion trade deal with New Zealand
WHITE wine loving Brits will enjoy cheaper plonk after Britain sealed a £2.5 billion trade deal with New Zealand last night.
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13 hours 0:53
Japan’s Mount Aso volcano erupts spewing clouds of molten rock and ash sending tourists fleeing
A VOLCANO in Japan erupted today sending clouds of ash billowing into the sky as hikers rushed away from the popular tourist spot.
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13 hours 3:52
Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty to school massacre that killed 17
PARKLAND school shooter Nikolas Cruz pleaded guilty to all counts in the deadliest school massacre that killed 17, before crying in a bizarre rant to the victims' families.
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14 hours 4:21
FBI news conference after human remains found in Florida amid search for Brian Laundrie
HUMAN remains have been found in the search for fugitive Brian Laundrie, weeks after Gabby Petito was strangled to death, NBC news reported.
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16 hours 1:14:56
Live: Health Minister Sajid Javid news conference as UK Covid-19 cases on the rise
Coronavirus latest: SAJID Javid will tonight dangle the prospect of a return to restrictions unless Brits get their boosters to tackle the Covid surge.
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17 hours 8:24
Covid-19 UK - Brits face winter restrictions if cases spiral out of control
Coronavirus latest - BRITS were tonight given grim government warnings that Covid cases could reach 100,000 daily - and told that ministers "won't hesitate to act".
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18 hours 1:34
Floods in India & Nepal kill more than 100
More than a hundred people died in India and Nepal due to floods and landslides after several days of heavy rains that swept houses and roads, authorities from both countries said Wednesday, adding
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19 hours 2:05
‘I should’ve stabbed him a bit more’ says abused wife as her husband lay bleeding to death
THIS is the chilling moment an abused wife told cops she "should have stabbed him a bit more" as her husband lay bleeding to death on the kitchen floor.
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20 hours 1:36
TORNADO hits Britain destroying trees & brick walls in severe UK weather
A TORNADO appears to have hit the UK with trees sent crashing to the ground and brick walls destroyed as Britain is battered by huge thunderstorms.
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21 hour 1:16
Passenger train crash after hitting van left on tracks
An early morning commuter train partly derailed after hitting a van abandoned on tracks near Sydney on Wednesday, trapping the driver and leaving others with minor injuries, authorities said.
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22 hours 3:12
Steve Bruce sacked by Newcastle after the club's Saudi takeover
STEVE BRUCE has been sacked by Newcastle after the club's £305million Saudi takeover. The 60-year-old's job has been hanging in the balance ever since the Magpies were bought.
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22 hours 2:16:41
Live: Boris Johnson answers PMQs amid rising covid cases
Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Sajid Javid and the government’s scientific advisers are awaiting Wednesday's coronavirus numbers with increasing concern as the U.K.’s cases, hospitalizations and
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Aerial vid shows rivers of lava flowing across La Palma engulfing buildings
Rivers of lava poured from Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma on Wednesday over a month since the eruption started on Sept. 19.
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Haiti gang holds US & Canadian citizens to ransom
POLICE in Haiti where 17 US missionaries were kidnapped say the notorious 400 Mawozo gang is behind the crime.
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1 day 0:31
Creepy clown chased down by cops after ‘throwing rocks’ outside flats
#Shorts A creepy clown was chased down by cops after the prankster was seen "throwing rocks" outside a block of flats in Manchester.
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1 day 1:45
Govt minister rules out ANOTHER lockdown
BRITS won't be plunged back into lockdown again this winter, a Cabinet minister vowed today.
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1 day 2:09
Plane bursts into flames after crash landing with 21 on board in Texas
The aircraft reportedly went down in the southeast corner of Waller County, Texas, near Houston Executive Airport, on Tuesday morning.
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1 day 1:38
Donald Trump testifies under oath on 2015 alleged assault
Former president Donald Trump has testified under oath for a videotaped deposition at Trump Tower...
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1 day 2:31
Houses engulfed by lava in La Palma's Tajuya town as volcano continues erupting
Several houses were on fire in a town on Spain's La Palma island on Tuesday, as the Cumbre Vieja volcano threw up more lava into the air.
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1 day 1:57
Michael Gove stormed by anti-vaxx mob days after Sir David Amess' murder
POLICE formed a ring of steel around Michael Gove on Tuesday after he was swarmed by suspected anti-vaxxers.
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1 day 2:01
Protestors crash Beijing 2022 Olympics flame lighting ceremony
Protestors holding the Tibetan flag and a banner crash the flame lighting ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.
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1 day 1:18
Drone vid of Ayr home explosion chaos, family of four in hospital
AERIAL pictures reveal devastation left behind after a giant explosion tore through a residential street.
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1 day 1:37
North Korea fires ballistic missile into waters off Japan
North Korea fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile off its east coast on Tuesday, setting off alarm bells across the region.
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2 days 1:48
Covid booster jabs key to ‘new normal’ & avoiding return of winter restrictions
BOOSTER jabs hold the key to avoiding the return of Covid restrictions this winter, a Cabinet minister said today.
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2 days 35:08
In Full: Boris Johnson hosts UK global investment summit
Boris Johnson will announce £9.7 billion of new overseas investment in the UK, creating 30,000 additional jobs, Downing Street has said.
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2 days 1:02
CCTV of Sir David Amess murder suspect on morning of attack
CCTV appears to show murder suspect Ali Harbi Ali hours before Conservative MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death.
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2 days 1:14
Furious motorist in drives into Insulate Britain protesters
A furious motorist drives her Range Rover at Insulate Britain protesters has been caught on video.
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2 days 1:08
Russia and China launch joint naval drill in Sea of Japan
A joint-Russian-Chinese naval exercises began in the Sea of Japan on Wednesday (October 14), the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement.
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