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COVID-19: Paris cops use tear gas to disperse anti-vaxxers in jab passport protest
French police have clashed with protesters angry at the government's new health pass requirement. Earlier. thousands marched, chanted slogans and held banners in Paris.
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NHS workers march on Downing St to protest 3 per cent pay rise
NHS workers and their supporters march from St Thomas' Hospital to Downing Street in protest at the 3 per cent pay rise the Government has given them.
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Fire crews continue to tackle wildfires in Turkey as death toll reaches 4
Firefighters battled one of the worst wildfires on Turkey's southern coast on Friday (July 30) for a third day after the evacuation of dozens of villages and some hotels.
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Biden accidentally reveals note from staff saying ‘sir, there is something on your chin’
JOE Biden accidentally revealed a note from his staff telling him there was something on his face after a yellow mark was spotted on his chin during a meeting with governors on Friday.
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Plane dumps 900 litres of water on newlyweds to create rainbow for wedding snaps
BRIDAL shower takes on a new meaning for this couple as a plane dumps 900 litres of water on them. Photographer Welliton Barbosa set up the scene in Brazil to create a ­wedding rainbow.
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Storm Evert ruins UK holidays as 69mph winds OBLITERATES tents & dumps three weeks’ rain
STORM Evert has OBLITERATED campsites across the country - with owners now telling holidaymakers to “pack up and go home”.
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Tokyo Olympics 2020 - Bethany Shriever blitzes field on way to BMX gold making history
BETHANY SHRIEVER led a brilliant double medal haul for Team GB on the BMX track this morning. The 22-year-old blitzed the field in Friday's final in Tokyo in a brilliant ride.
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Biden SNAPS at reporter after confronted about U-turn asking vaccinated to wear masks
JOE Biden clashed with Fox News journalist Peter Doocy after the reporter reminded the president that he once said Americans don’t need to wear a mask if they are fully vaccinated.
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1 day 1:48
Covid-19 UK govt: Companies forcing employees to get vaccinated is a 'good idea'
Coronavirus vaccine passport latest: A government minister was quizzed on companies forcing employees to get vaccinated, Grant Shapps says: "Yes it's a good idea, and yes some companies will require
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Biden pushes $100 reward to get vaccinated & new rules for federal workers
President Joe Biden on Thursday urged local governments to pay people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and set new rules requiring federal workers to provide proof of vaccination or face regular
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Tokyo 2020 Olympics live: View of stadium as athletic competitions begins
TOKYO, JAPAN - View of Tokyo Olympic Stadium as athletic competitions begin at the 2020 Olympic Games.
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Turkey wildfires kill several as blaze rages across southern resort towns
At least three people were found dead in a forest fire in southern Turkey as authorities battled multiple blazes along its coasts for a second day amid suspicions of arson.
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Plane crashes into house after ‘stunt goes horrifically wrong’, three Americans die
THE horrific moment a plane crashes into a house and explodes in Ukraine, killing four people, was captured on camera.
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Pelosi calls McCarthy a ‘moron’ after GOP leader opposed new mask mandate
NANCY Pelosi has been blasted for branding Kevin McCarthy a "moron" after the Republican leader opposed a new mask mandate for vaccinated Americans.
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Alaska on Tsunami warning after massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off US coast
A HUGE 8.2 magnitude earthquake has sparked tsunami fears in Alaska and Hawaii. The quake hit the Alaska Peninsula at at 10:15p.m.
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Moment jewel thief swaps £4.2m of diamonds for pebbles in Ocean’s Eleven con
THIS is the moment a 60-year-old jewel thief swapped diamonds worth £4.2million for PEBBLES in an Ocean's Eleven-style con - before blaming her dead sister for the heist.
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UK Govt 'increasingly confident' more countries will move to Covid-19 amber & green travel lists
Coronavirus latest: MORE countries will go onto the green list next week as Britain is set to open up to other "high trust" foreigners, according to the Foreign Secretary.
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Biden gaffe confusing Trump & Obama in yet another speech blunder
PRESIDENT Joe Biden confused Barack Obama and Donald Trump in another cringing blunder Wednesday - after awkwardly refusing to answer a question about vaccine mandates in the military.
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Brit tourist takes short-cut across Maldives swamp & plunges 10ft into muddy water
TBRIT tourist Martin Lewis takes a short-cut across a swamp — and plunges into 10ft of muddy water. Martin, 50, was tip-toeing over the mire when he ­vanished with a splash.
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COVID-19: Fully vaccinated travellers from US & Europe allowed to enter England without quarantining
Coronavirus latest: DOUBLE-JABBED travellers from the US and EU will be allowed to enter England without the need for quarantine from next week.
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Lake Como flooding - Flash floods & landslides hit northern Italy
Extreme weather gripping northern Italy flooded the town of Cernobbio after storms battered the picturesque Lake Como, a popular holiday destination for tourists.
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Boris Johnson struggles with umbrella at police memorial
Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives Prince Charles the giggles as he struggles with an umbrella while attending the dedication of the UK Police Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.
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Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Taylor Greene run out of their press conference by protesters
MATT Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene were run out of their press conference by protesters including one with a Donald Trump effigy.
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Simone Biles reveals mental health reason for pulling out of the Olympic team gymnastics final
SIMONE Biles has spoken out about her mental health issues after pulling out of the Olympic team gymnastics final, saying she is "fighting her own head." The gymnast, 24, said on Tuesday that she
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Shock moment texting lorry driver smashes into back of van
A lorry driver smashes into the back of a prison van while texting leaving three people injured.
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GOP Rep tears up as he tells Capitol cops ‘you guys won, you guys held’ during riot testimony
Republican Adam Kinzinger teared up as he told Capitol cops "you guys won, you guys held" during testimony into the January 6 riot.
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4 days 1:16
Terrifying footage shows moment 300ft sandstorm engulfs Chinese city in apocalyptic scenes
An apocalyptic style 300ft sandstorm engulfed an entire Chinese city. The sandstorm has turned the sky yellow and reduced the visibility to less than five metres in Dunhuang City.
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4 days 1:49
London’s new £2m Marble Arch Mound attraction compared to slag heap after disastrous opening
A NEW £2m tourist attraction in London is being mocked and labelled a "monstrosity" after the reality was very different to what was originally planned.
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4 days 1:45
Boris complains about his dog’s ‘romantic urges’, Dilyn is 'endlessly at people's legs'
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that his dog Dilyn had "romantic urges" and was "endlessly at people's legs" in Downing Street.
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Germany Explosion – Leverkusen waste plant blast, sixteen injured & five missing in
MORE than a dozen people have been injured and five are missing after a blast at a German waste plant, according to reports.
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