7 hours 52:51
Live: President Biden introduces new COVID-19 economic relief plan
President Joe Biden plans to sign two executive orders Friday to address the economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic, including expanding food stamps and beginning the process to require that
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7 hours 3:14
New Covid variant is more deadly but vaccines still work against it, says Boris Johnson
The new mutant strain of Covid is between 30 and 90 per cent more deadly than the old one but vaccines will still work, scientists said tonight.
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8 hours 1:25
Loyal dog waits outside hospital for sick owner day after day
A DEVOTED dog has spent days waiting outside a hospital for her sick owner after he was admitted for treatment.
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9 hours 1:01
Police launch war on Covidiots shaming those breaking lockdown rules
POLICE are waging war on Covidiots by publicly shaming them for breaking lockdown rules. Met Police are using bodycam footage to expose flouters.
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10 hours 38:10
"Pre-Trump Republican Party is dead" Reagan speech writer on Biden, Reagan & Trump - BQ #41
Josh Gilder is an author, commentator and former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan.
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10 hours 47:30
Live: Boris briefing, Covid strain is 30% MORE deadly than original virus
THE new mutant Covid variant is 30 per cent more deadly than the old one, scientists have discovered.
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12 hours 1:55
Homes collapse in Storm Christoph as UK weather brings Snow & -10C plunge
BRITAIN will be hit with snow and -10C temperatures after houses collapsed and owners begged for help in killer Storm Christoph floods.
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13 hours 2:02
Fury as 5,000 National Guard ‘forced to sleep in a GARAGE’ after Biden’s Inauguration
THOUSANDS of National Guard heroes were reportedly forced to sleep in a garage after protecting the Capitol for President Joe Biden's inauguration.
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14 hours 1:34
Everyone with COVID-19 could receive £500 payment in government scheme
Everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 could be given a £500 payment as a part of a new scheme the government is considering, with the aim to increase the incentive for people to self isolate and
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15 hours 1:30
China mine rescue - Injured survivors may have to wait two more weeks to escape
Workers trapped in a gold mine in China since Jan. 10 may have to wait another 15 days before they can be rescued because of a blockage on their intended escape route.
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17 hours 2:42
Dr. Fauci unloads on Trump 'It's a liberating feeling to let the science speak'
A liberated Dr. Anthony Fauci made it clear Thursday he's happy to be working for President Joe Biden, talking down the restrictions he felt operating under Donald Trump.
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18 hours 1:39
Biden snaps at reporter ‘come on man’ when grilled, '100million Covid jabs goal was too low'
JOE Biden asked a reporter to 'gimme a break' after being grilled over his plan for the Covid vaccine rollout.
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1 day 11:55:00
Live: Sun rises over White House on the first day of Biden presidency
The sun rises over the White House on the first day of Joe Biden's presidency.
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1 day 3:50
Joe Biden says the US death toll 'will top 500,000' but 'help is on the way'
U.S. President Joe Biden said on Thursday the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus will probably top 500,000 next month, painting a grim picture of what he said will be a difficult battle.
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1 day 2:24
Priti Patel announces fines of £800 for people attending house parties during lockdown
Priti Patel has tonight announced fresh £800 fines for ANYONE attending illegal house parties - rising up to £6,400 for repeat offenders.
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1 day 1:30
Huge fire breaks out at world’s biggest Covid vaccine factory in India
FIVE people have been killed after a huge fire broke out at the site of the world's largest Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer in India.
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1 day 2:11
Antifa mob vowing REVENGE smash Dem HQ and burn US flags after Biden sworn in
ANTIFA mobs clashed with cops as rioters vandalized the HQ of the Oregon Democrats, burned American flags outside state capitols and chanted anti Joe Biden slurs during a series of protests held on
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1 day 3:54
Storm Christoph - Almost 300 flood alerts issued as severe weather hits UK
Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits a flood alleviation bowl and golf course which acts as a flood plain in Didsbury, Manchester.
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1 day 4:56
Youngest Inauguration poet in history moves the world
AMANDA Gorman is a young poet who wowed the inauguration crowd and America on January 20. Her reading was part of the celebration of Joe Biden becoming the 46th president of the US.
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1 day 2:07
Calls for tighter lockdown after major study finds COVID-19 cases surge
Scientists have warned Britain may need tougher lockdown measures after a survey found virus cases increased in January after Boris Johnson’s national lockdown was put in place.
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1 day 1:04
Biden warns new aides if they disrespect anyone he'll sack 'them on the spot'
PRESIDENT Joe Biden warned incoming aides on Wednesday if they treat anyone with disrespect he'll fire "them on the spot." The 78-year-old Democrat gave presidential appointees a stern talking-to
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1 day 1:41
President Biden & Kamala Harris enjoy fireworks from the White House balcony
Joe Biden's inauguration came to a close on Wednesday night with a spectacular fireworks display. The President and First Lady Jill Biden watched the show from the White House's second-floor balcony.
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1 day 1:51
Boris asked whether he thinks President Biden is 'woke'
An awkward moment Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked if he thought the new US President, Joe Biden is 'woke'.
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1 day 11:55:00
Live: Trump leaves White House for farewell rally at Andrews Air Force Base in final hours
President Donald Trump is expected to take his final ride on the military's iconic Kennedy blue aircraft, "Air Force One," Wednesday, departing for Florida ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's
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2 days 3:47
Biden at the Lincoln Memorial 'I have never been more optimistic about America'
Joe Biden says 'I've never been more optimistic about America than this very day. There isn't anything we can't do, if we do it together.
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2 days 3:12
Inauguration Day 2021: Biden signs executive orders on Covid, climate change and immigration
JOE BIDEN will begin reversing Donald Trump's policies today after he signed executive orders issuing a mask mandate, rejoining the Paris Agreement, and "ending his predecessor's 'Muslim Travel
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2 days 2:57
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris wave to well-wishers on parade walk to White House
President Joe Biden and the Biden family walked to the White House as the new president and First lady Jill Biden shared a moment right before they entered their new home for the first time.
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2 days 2:32
Joe Biden enters White House as 46th president of the United States
Joe Biden has arrived at the White House after using his inaugural address to call for unity among Americans and an end to the country's "uncivil war".
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2 days 1:25
Madrid explosion – Fatal blast destroys building in centre of Spanish capital
Two deaths have been reported after a massive explosion destroyed buildings in Madrid.
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2 days 4:57
President Donald Trump's most iconic moments
As Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States, we take a look back on Donald Trump's most iconic moments in his Presidential journey.
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