4 days 2:24
'Apple fire' forces 8,000 to evacuate in Southern California as wildfire destroys homes
ALMOST 8,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes as a wildfire raged uncontained across more than 15,000 acres in Riverside County in Southern California.
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5 days 3:40
Nasa astronauts return to Earth in historic first ‘splashdown’ in 45 years
TWO Nasa astronauts have arrived back on Earth in a historic first "splashdown" in 45 years.
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5 days 4:24
Prince William correctly predicts scoreline as he hosts FA Cup viewing party at Sandringham estate
The Duke of Cambridge correctly predicts the scoreline of the FA Cup final when speaking to guests at his FA Cup viewing party in Sandringham.
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5 days 6:23
Nasa astronauts start flight home in SpaceX capsule despite Storm Isaias threatening splashdown
TWO American astronauts have been sent from space back to Florida — despite Tropical Storm Isaias threatening the Sunshine State.
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6 days 2:24
Portland protesters burn American flags as Trump vows ‘clean up of anarchists’
DONALD Trump said federal agents will not leave Portland unless local police “complete cleanup of Anarchists and Agitators” as the city’s protests continued.
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6 days 1:17
Donald Trump says he is considering banning TikTok
PRESIDENT Donald Trump says he plans to officially ban TikTok in the US. Trump made the announcement on Air Force One on Friday night as he returned from a trip to Florida.
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7 days 1:53
Manchester resident says people won't adhere to tighter lockdown rules after confusing announcement
Manchester resident, Michelle Rowlands, said the new lockdown rules are so confusing people aren't likely to stick to them.
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7 days 3:05
UK beaches packed on hottest day of 2020 despite pleas to stay at home due to coronavirus pandemic
Beaches across the UK were packed today as the nation experiences its hottest day of the year, and would could be the hottest day ever recorded.
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7 days 23:32
Live: Boris Johnson halts easing coronavirus lockdown as UK coronavirus infections rise
BORIS Johnson is today set to hit the brakes on easing the coronavirus lockdown.
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7 days 2:38
British dad whose penis dropped off has new one built on his ARM in world first
A dad who lost his penis to a horrific blood infection has become the first man in the world to have a new one built on his arm.
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7 days 49:01
Communist China's great confrontation with the West explained by Dr Alan Mendoza - BQ #26
Dr Alan Mendoza is a founding member of the foreign policy think tank the Henry Jackson Society and an expert on China and Russia.
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7 days 1:50
Chaos & confusion as 4.5million hit by new bombshell lockdown rules with less than 3 hours’ warning
Bombshell new coronavirus rules have left Brits confused after 4.5million people were issued with fresh lockdown demands with just three hours notice.
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7 days 2:41
Trump warns mail in voting would cause the ‘most rigged election in history’
PRESIDENT Donald Trump dubbed mail-in voting a “laughing stock” during a press briefing on Thursday evening – as he warned “we may never know” the true outcome of the election.
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7 days 1:02:53
Trump holds a news conference following tweet about delaying November US election
US President Donald Trump holds a news conference on the response to the novel coronavirus pandemic and other issues From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the
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8 days 2:22
PM says there are 10 to 30 UK coronavirus hotspots 'bubbling up' where we need tough local lockdowns
Boris Johnson says the UK is not 'out of the woods yet' with coronavirus and it's 'absolutely vital' that we continue to 'keep our focus and discipline' He said: "There are between 10 and 30 places
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8 days 2:41
COVID isolation to increase from 7 days to 10 days as 'second wave' hits Europe
Matt Hancock has said the UK will be increasing the time those with symptoms of the virus must self isolate from 7 days to 10 days as fears rise that a second wave of COVID-19 is hitting the UK and
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8 days 1:09
Trump 'never confronted' Putin about bounty reports alleging 'Russia paid Taliban to kill US troops'
President Donald Trump said he never questioned Russian leader Vladimir Putin about US intelligence reports that Moscow paid the Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan, casting doubt on the
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8 days 1:12:00
LIVE: NASA launches Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover with first aircraft to fly on another planet
NASA is firing its most advanced rover yet to Mars today in a bold bid to hunt down signs of alien life on the planet's surface.
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8 days 4:28
Amazon compared to heroin dealer and Facebook blasted for ‘neutralising’ rivals as CEOs roasted
FACEBOOK'S Mark Zuckerberg was criticised for "neutralising" rivals and Amazon was compared to a heroin dealer when the heads of the world's biggest tech companies testified before Congress yesterday.
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9 days 1:31
Freight train derails and bursts into flames in Arizona causing bridge collapse
A freight train in Tempe, Arizona derailed on Wednesday morning causing a massive fire and part of the bridge to collapse.
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9 days 4:18
Coronavirus: Is Boris Johnson right about a 'second wave' of COVID-19 in Europe
BORIS Johnson today warned that Europe was on the verge of a second wave and the UK must be "vigilant" - as he defended the decision to quarantine travellers from Spain.
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9 days 6:58:12
Live: CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google face antitrust hearing
The chief executives of US technology giants are set to tell Congress they face stiff competition that motivates them to keep improving their widely used products, according to testimony prepared
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9 days 1:46
Two migrants trying to reach UK hidden in Brit family's roof box wound up 100 miles deeper in France
Two migrants who tried to reach Britain hidden in a car roof box ended up heading 100 miles back into France.
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9 days 3:40
Austin police release footage showing cop's fatal shooting of unarmed man
The Austin Police Department released footage of the moment officers shot dead a Texas man, Michael Ramos, who announced he was unarmed and had his hands above his head before the incident.
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9 days 2:53
Heathrow boss urges airport testing to cut COVID quarantine times for holidaymakers
The CEO of Heathrow airport has called for the government to test passengers on their arrival.
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9 days 2:32
Family panic as they find three bears trashing their kitchen and eating out of the bin
THREE little black bears entered an Alaska home last week and wreaked havoc in the kitchen before leaving the household otherwise untouched.
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9 days 2:31
Donald Trump says 'nobody likes me' and cuts short presser after difficult questioning
US President Donald Trump questions why he's not as popular as his coronavirus task force experts. The president lamented that his poll numbers were lower than those of his top science advisers.
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10 days 4:26
Virgin Galactic unveils cabin of SpaceShipTwo rocket plane that will carry tourists to space
VIRGIN Galactic has unveiled the sci-fi cabin where passengers will one day gaze at Earth after paying $250,000 (£175,000) for a ticket to space.
14 479
10 days 2:13
"What's another two weeks?" - Brits plan to travel overseas despite UK COVID-19 quarantine risk
Holidaymakers returning to the UK from Spain must now self isolate on their return to the country for 14 days.
98 382
10 days 2:55
Amber Heard says it was ‘incredibly painful’ to relive Johnny Depp break-up in bombshell trial
Amber Heard today said it was "incredibly painful" to relieve the "traumatic" details of her split with Johnny Depp at the end of the explosive three-week trial.
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