2 days 8:12
I was kidnapped, drugged & used as sex slave by a stranger
TRICKED into attending a fake photoshoot, actress Frida Farrell was drugged, kidnapped and subjected to a three day rape ordeal.
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2 days 1:39
UK COVID-19: Sajid Javid tells ALL adults 'get booster or risk Christmas'
Coronavirus latest: HEALTH Secretary Sajid Javid today urged ALL UK adults to: "Get Booster jab, or risk Christmas," as government rolls out Omicron battle plan.
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2 days 3:02
Omicron - PM commits to offering all adults COVID-19 booster by end of January
Coronavirus latest - PRIME Minister Boris Johnson reveals battle plan to bring in military support and introduce 'pop-up' booster vaccination sites to save Christmas, amidst Omicron break-out.
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2 days 1:49
COVID-19 - Omicron variant could decrease efficacy of ALL vaccines, says Moderna boss
The head of drugmaker Moderna said he believes the Omicron variant is "highly infectious" and it is "highly possible" the effectiveness of vaccines is decreasing - adding that boosters may need a
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2 days 49:46
LIVE: Boris Johnson addresses nation on Omicron defence plan to save Christmas
BORIS Johnson will address the nation in a press conference this evening after health secretary announced new measures on Monday to combat the new Omicron variant of Covid-19.
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2 days 0:36
British F35 jet crashes into sea in botched take off #Shorts ✈️
#Shorts LEAKED footage shows moment British F-35 fighter jet CRASHING into the Mediterranean sea in a botched take off from the HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier.
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2 days 2:15
Russian bombers and armoured tanks deployed to Ukraine border
RUSSIAN bombers and armoured vehicles have been deployed to the border sparking fears a Ukraine invasion is imminent.
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2 days 1:22:06
LIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell trial continues in New York
THE long-awaited trial of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of a string of sex crimes, began on Monday as opening statements were made outside of court in New York City.
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2 days 0:36
Man cheats death in falling debris near-miss in Istanbul #Shorts
#Shorts AT LEAST four people have been killed in extreme weather conditions in Istanbul, Turkey yesterday (November 29).
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2 days 2:00
Covid-19 UK - Boris Johnson will 'throw everything' at Omicron variant protection
Coronavirus latest - BORIS Johnson will on Tuesday unveil a major ramping up of the booster rollout to dramatically increase the weekly rate of jabs going into arms.
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2 days 2:10
Belarus guards aim lasers across Polish border as crisis rumbles on
BELARUSIAN guards flash lasers at Polish border personnel near Tokary, as Polish officials accuse guards of being hostile towards Polish soldiers and officers.
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2 days 2:32
MI6 boss warns of China & Russia 'debt traps & data traps'
MI6 chief Sir Richard Moore set out the need for Britain’s spies to work with the global tech sector to maintain cutting-edge capabilities, speaking in London on Tuesday.
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2 days 1:35
Barbados ends ties with UK to become Republic
THE Prince of Wales has branded slavery an "appalling atrocity that stains our history" as Barbados becomes a republic.
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2 days 1:35
UK COVID-19 Omicron pingdemic concerns sees possibility of people isolating over Christmas
Coronavirus latest - CASES of Omicron in the UK are steadily increasing - with 14 now reported across the country.
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2 days 2:45
Customers at UK’s highest pub leave Tan Hill Inn in after three nights trapped by Storm Arwen
Customers at UK’s highest pub leave Tan Hill Inn in after three nights trapped by Storm Arwen Guests Freed After Becoming Trapped Inside UK Pub by Heavy Snow Guests who unexpectedly found
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3 days 2:40:26
LIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell trial begins with opening statements in New York
LIVE: THE long-awaited trial of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of a string of sex crimes, will begin today as opening statements will be made outside of court in New York City.
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3 days 2:07
La Palma volcanic lava destroys more homes
LA PALMA'S Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to leave wreckages and devastation in it's wake as yet more homes are destroyed by molten lava.
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3 days 2:54:03
LIVE: Sajid Javid addresses Commons on Omicron variant concerns
HEALTH Secretary Sajid Javid will address Parliament today after serious concerns have been raised over the new Omicron variant of Coronavirus.
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3 days 4:04
Strong winds tear down tower and topple trucks, killing four in Istanbul
AT LEAST four people have been killed in extreme weather conditions in Istanbul, Turkey today (November 29).
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3 days 3:23
Omicron COVID-19: JVT on boosters for all adults and jabs for under-15s
DEPUTY Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam reveals plans to provide ALL UK adults with booster jabs and provide second vaccine doses to young people aged 12-15 years.
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3 days 3:30
COVID-19 UK - Masks & booster defence mandated to tackle Omicron variant
Coronavirus latest - SAJID Javid today insisted a Christmas lockdown can be avoided if Brits get their booster jabs and start self-testing regularly.
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3 days 23:51
LIVE: Jonathan Van-Tam provides JCVI update amidst Omicron concern
DEPUTY Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam provides JCVI update amidst Omicron concerns in the United Kingdom. The Health Secretary Sajid Javid will address the House of Commons later today.
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3 days 2:16
Russia tests hypersonic missile while troops move to Ukraine border
RUSSIA launches blazing hypersonic missile from a military frigate in another arms test, meanwhile 100,000 troops have been moved to the Ukraine border amidst growing tensions.
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3 days 0:42
Girls caught doing handstands on railway level crossing #Shorts 🚆🤸‍♀️
TWO girls have been caught on camera doing handstands on a railway level crossing. The teenagers’ actions put themselves and others in danger, according to Network Rail.
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3 days 1:59
Storm Arwen: Parts of UK battered by fierce winds and covered with snow
PARTS of the United Kingdom have been covered with inches of snow today, after Storm Arwen battered parts of England and Scotland on Sunday, leaving wreckages in it's wake.
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3 days 1:28
Fans at the O2 rush past security and smash scanners at chaotic gig
THIS is the chaotic moment music fans stormed into the O2 Arena, smashing down security scanners and pushing past guards.
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3 days 2:26
WHO warns over 'severe' Omicron variant - 'vaccine rollout must be accelerated'
Coronavirus latest: THE WORLD Health Organisation has urged all it's members to 'accelerate' vaccine rollouts across the world to combat the new Omicron variant of Coronavirus.
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3 days 2:25
Omicron COVID-19: Government defends approach to variant
Coronavirus latest: THE UK has now got NINE confirmed cases of the mutant Covid variant Omicron - as Scotland reported six new infections this morning.
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4 days 1:33
What do we know about the Omicron variant?
A NEW Covid super-strain has been officially named as a "variant of concern" with two cases already reported in the UK.
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4 days 0:53
Passengers arriving from SA react to quarantine policies
Spreading cases of the Omicron variant of coronavirus are linked to travel from South Africa. Early signs suggest that the new strain may spread as fast or faster than Delta.
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